Dengue: Common Causes, Symptoms And Treatment Options

          Dengue is one disease which is setting the world on fire. It has become the fastest spreading disease across the world. Dengue is caused because of the vectors like mosquitoes. The increasing pollution and garbage in the society have resulted in the multiplication of mosquitoes in the recent past. Hence, the number of death has gone up drastically in recent years because of dengue. It is a life-threatening disease which causes multiple complications in the body. Hence, you must be aware of all the precautions and symptoms of dengue to protect yourself and your family better.

How is dengue caused?

Dengue is a viral infection which is spread by mosquitoes. When an infected mosquito bites an individual, the viral infection gets transferred in the form of saliva from mosquito to human. This virus multiplies in the human body and directly attacks the immune system. The early symptoms of the viral infections start showing up in the body as early as 3 days after the mosquito bites. Therefore, the immune system of the human body gets surprised and the virus goes on infecting other parts of the body which decreases the platelets count in the body.

You might be aware of the fact that platelet is a very important part of the plant which helps in clotting. Whenever there is a cut in your body the platelets or thrombocytes also gets activated and develops a fiber like structure which prevents the blood to flow out from the body. Hence, if the platelet count is security decreased in the body the cats will not get cured easily and the blood will keep on running.

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Symptoms of Dengue

  • Fever is the most common symptom of dengue and typically occurs between 32 14 days of a mosquito bite.
  • The fever is accompanied by intense head pain and severe pain in the eyes.
  • You might also see redness in the eyes of the patient.
  • Blood stools and heavy menstrual bleeding is a clear symptom of dengue. This happens because the platelet count in the body decreases severely and the body fails to stop internal bleeding.
  • Joint pain and muscle pain are also a very common symptom of dengue.

These are the most common symptoms of dengue and the fever might come and go at random times. Fever goes off completely during the third or fifth day. This is a very critical time because this indicates that either the body will recover or the situation will worsen. In case fever returns again, the doctor must be consulted immediately without any delay. Depending upon the security of dengue, doctor mere comment the patient to get admitted in the hospital for further treatment. Hence, the symptoms should not be mistaken as cold and cough because it may be life-threatening.

Treatment of Dengue

There is a very limited role of medication when it comes to a disease like dengue. This is because dengue is a viral infection and there are very limited medicines which can actually work on the virus. You might be aware of the fact that there is no such medicine found by any institution which can destroy the virus in the human body. Viruses are a transition between living and nonliving things and have a completely different sequence. Moreover, the directly suppressed the immune system and multiply rapidly at an uncontrolled speed.

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The medicines fail to react to the viruses because they keep on changing their DNA sequence. Even when you go for treatment in the hospital, you are treated with just saline. This helps in dilute in the blood and minimizing the risk of platelet drop. In severe cases, platelet transfusion is mandatory.

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