Florida Woman Dies Of Flesh-Eating Bacteria After Stumbling On Beach

               Anna Maria Island – A woman died while walking along the coast of Anna Maria Island, Florida, after cutting her leg. The legs became infected by necrotizing fasciitis, a kind of flesh-eating bacteria.

Carolyn Lynn Flemings, resident of Pittsburgh had long dreamt of residing in the beautiful city of Florida. She had just shifted to Florida a few years ago, sad his son. He added that his mom loved Florida and she had made many friends out there.

Fleming had visited Florida for a vacation with his wife and two children. He claimed that it was the best and worst location at the same time for his entire family. They why are there to spend the weekends with his 77 years old mother.

The family visited coquina beach on June 14th. It is quite close to St. Petersberg. Lynn was walking along the coast of the beach Bethel legs in the water. She stumbled because of a small bump in the sand below the water. She got a slight cut on the leg when she pulled out her leg. However, there were no unusual symptoms and she simply applied banded which the lifeguard provided. They did not notice anything unusual and went to their friend’s house for parties.

The son again cleaned the wound the next day and applied the first bandage from the first aid box of the car. He also interested for a quick check up but you know how parents are.

On Saturday, Lynn called her family and said that she was having pain in her leg. The wound escalated and became worse over the weekend. They insisted her to go to the all joint medical facility center in order to receive some help. The leg had become swollen and red. She was given a tetanus shot and a series of antibiotics. Friends called her for the prescription and found her unconscious and the bedroom.

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They call for the ambulance why they found her lying unconscious in her bedroom on Sunday. On June 17th, she was hospitalized and was diagnosed with the bacteria which is known as flesh-eating one. Surgeries were carried out to combat the deadly bacteria.

Wade and Traci went to Florida to see her why she was fighting with death. She died on Thursday while holding the hand of her son. Her family wanted to share this story so that other people can be educated about the risk and wounds a small wound can cause.

The flesh-eating bacteria as hard as early as they stop the circulation of blood in the body and paralyze the cells around the area which they affect. There are 1200 to 1600 cases for a year in the United States itself. Hence, everyone must take wounds seriously and get them treated professionally.

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