Canada Day 2019: Various Cancellation Of Events Took Place On This National Day

                Canada Day is supposed to be the big weekend where every Canadian exhibit his/her love and respect for the nation. People throughout the country celebrate Canada Day with lots of joy, fun, and patriotism by waving National Flag and singing the national anthem.

Canada Day is the national day of Canada which is celebrated every year on July 1. This day also marks a federal statutory holiday, and this remarkable day celebrates the anniversary of July 1, 1867, the effective date of the Constitution Act, 1867 when the nation of Canada in the North American continent became a free province.

The celebrations of the day also take place in various locations around the world and are attended by Canadians who are living in abroad. The day is a very proud and happy moment for all the residents of the nation, Canada. But with the time being passed something is off this year.

Canada Day celebrations in Toronto at Queen’s Park have been canceled for the reason that organizers were worried that nobody would turn up. This happens in that city which just lately host two million fans into the streets on a workday in order to celebrate the Raptors’ NBA championship.

Doug Ford, on the other hand, said that the withdrawal is going to save the province $400,000 that is equal to 400,000 buck-a-beers if you think about it.

In Wallaceburg, Ont., the organizers have canceled the celebrations of Canada Day, explaining the various different reason, which doesn’t seem to satisfy local media in any of the chances.

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Also, in the meantime, the community of Sussex in New Brunswick have also canceled its Canada Day parade for the reason that it attracted just five applicants. After which it is clear that the good folks of Sussex are also not in a mood to celebrate this year.

This year in Alberta, in the intervening time, the town of Morinville has also canned its Canada Day a firework, considering it was being short of a safe place to set them off. Explaining the same kind of fire concerns, another firework has been canceled in Fernie, B.C.

Well, it been a long list of such cancelation for Canada Day celebration but isn’t it weird that the country that is popular for its celebration and festivities is canceling such important events on their National Day.

Usually, people on this day gathered in a patriotic mood, they paint their faces in the colors of their flag. The celebrations also differ in different provinces, but it is fundamentally a day to revel in the civilization and tradition of the country. At some of the places, firework shows are also held along with picnics, sports events, etc.

But what happens this year? Also, with rising international political issues, Canada seems to be defenseless to the whims of friends and enemies alike.

The Philippines threating the nation to go to war and Donald Trump calling Canada “dishonest and weak” all these things are creating a bad example for the country and above this such cancellation of national day events carried out at this phase of time.

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Canada Day is the celebration of getting freedom, to have liberty, patriotism, love, care, and happiness and it should be celebrated wholeheartedly not by eliminating such precious moments of the pride time.

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