Bandcamp vs SoundCloud: Which Is The Best App And Why?

Bandcamp vs SoundCloud: Which Is The Best App And Why?

                 Bandcamp vs SoundCloud: Online music streaming is a great thing but choosing a platform for this purpose is quite difficult. There a lot of applications which offers online music streaming. Bandcamp, Spotify, and SoundCloud are among the most famous ones. However, it is very important to compare the applications in order to get the best service at the lowest possible cost. This is why he regularly come up with comparisons to provide the best possible output for the customers. Today we are going to compare Bandcamp vs SoundCloud to find out the best online music streaming application.

Bandcamp vs SoundCloud


Uploading your own music on various platforms is a great thing. This can make you really famous if you have got talent. But what about these applications in terms of uploads? Well, SoundCloud offers 90 minutes of free uploading. This means that the upload doesn’t depend upon the file size but upon the duration of the music. The upload duration is limited to 90 minutes for free users. It becomes unlimited if you purchased the subscription.

On the other hand, users can upload unlimited music on Bandcamp. This is a great thing because you do not require any kind of subscription for doing so on Bandcamp.


Downloading music is a very essential feature that every online music streaming platform provides. However, the number of songs that can be downloaded depends on the application. SoundCloud allows users to download a hundred songs per month without subscription pack. However, there is no limit for downloading if you are a premium subscriber. Similarly, band camp also offers 200 songs download per month in case of free users and there is no limit for premium subscribers of the application.

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Invest & Gain

SoundCloud has 2 premium packages. The SoundCloud premium Pro is available for $12 a month or $16 a month depending on the renewal frequency. Another version costs $6 a month. The basic difference between both the brain and packages is that the latter one offers only 6 hours of upload timing. The previous one offers unlimited upload timing. Hence, Airtel not really beneficial for the artist to buy the premium packages and then upload the music.

Bandcamp is a great advantage here because there is no such premium package. Artists can upload their music for free on this platform without any limitation. It works on a revenue-sharing model and this means that a commission of 10 % is taken on sales and 15% on downloads. Moreover, the commission rate drops down to 10% if you cross the $5000 threshold. Moreover, it is directly linked to the PayPal account. Hence, it is a win-win situation the users. Bandcamp is better in terms of premium offerings and commission.

Users can opt for an optional band cam premium package for getting some additional features in the app. It is available for $10 per month. It is a great addition to the package because there are some premium offerings and you will get benefited from it. The revenue sharing model will still be there if you purchase the premium package of band camp.

Bandcamp vs SoundCloud: Conclusion

In our comparison of Bandcamp vs SoundCloud, we found out that Bandcamp is a much better choice in terms of music streaming and music uploading. The simple reason is that it is a great app for the artist as it does not have any kind of limitations to the upload. Moreover, there is no need to purchase the premium package in order to get premium features like uploading in Bandcamp. SoundCloud is not really great for the artists because there is a limitation to the upload duration. Moreover, the premium package is also quite costly.

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