Spotify vs SoundCloud: Which Is The Best Music Streaming Platform?

Spotify vs SoundCloud: Which Is The Best Music Streaming Platform?

               Spotify vs SoundCloud: Music is something which is loved by many people and no one likes compromising in any way for music.  There are a plethora of music streaming applications on the internet. It includes some big names like Spotify, SoundCloud, Apple music, and Pandora. However, each application has its own uniqueness, benefits, and disadvantages. Most people like being limited to a single application for music because having two or more application consumes more space. We have compared Spotify vs SoundCloud to find out the best music streaming application currently available. We have compared them on some critical parameters to get an accurate result.

Spotify vs SoundCloud

The music streaming application has been well received in the market and is constantly listed as one of the best platforms. It has millions of users across the world and they are constantly in love with this streaming platform. They find no reason to switch over to other application is available in the market. Spotify has one of the most diverse music libraries which has got something for everyone. Users can find the perfect music for any mode. There are millions of songs available on Spotify and they can be accessed at a relatively low cost.


This is an important parameter to compare music streaming applications because users will prefer going with the low-cost version. Both Spotify and SoundCloud have a free trial version which is available for 1 month. The monthly subscription charges for Spotify is just $9.99 which includes ad-free experience. Moreover, users can get for the discount by showing College ID proof. On the other hand, SoundCloud costs $12 to $16 per month based on the frequency of the bill. Hence, it is quite clear that Spotify is cheap in terms of pricing and therefore, it is a better choice.

Offline Streaming

Offline streaming is a very important feature which will help the users in listening to music even if they do not have access to the internet. Spotify has a dedicated offline streaming platform which allows the users to download the music. Once the music has been successfully downloaded on the device, it can be played without the need of internet. Hence, it is a great thing if you need to go out to a town or travel and you do not have an internet connection. On the other hand, SoundCloud does not allow ads subscribers to download the music offline. They can stream the music online only and this is a very big disadvantage.

Auto Playlist

The auto playlist feature of Spotify is quite accurate and precise. The music played it is on the basis of the history of Spotify and what you listen quite often. It will run only that music which is in accordance with your search history. However, the algorithm may go wrong sometime if there is no history on the Spotify playlist. SoundCloud is very poor in terms of auto-playing. This is because the application lacks basic infrastructure for this feature. Hence, Spotify again has an upper hand over this application.

Spotify vs SoundCloud

In our comparison of Spotify vs SoundCloud, we found out that Spotify is the undisputed winner. The glorious history of Spotify has made it remain in a superior position compared to any other peers. There awesome great features like auto-playing and offline streaming available on Spotify. SoundCloud lacks these basic features and doesn’t even have a very diverse music library like Spotify. Hence, Spotify manages to hold the number one position in the music streaming world, yet again. There is no doubt that Spotify has been ranked as one of the best applications for music around the world.

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