8 Best iPhone Games You Must Download Right Now! (January 2019)

8 Best iPhone Games You Must Download Right Now

    Gaming on iPhone is extremely delightful and Powerful. Playing games on phone is much more convenient than buying an extra dedicated device like PlayStation and consoles. With iPhones, you can play games anytime and anywhere with the most powerful specifications. Gaming is fun on iPhone, with millions of games available on the Apple Store. But you can’t download millions of games to test which one is better and worth your time. Hence, with the New Year, we have brought a list of best iPhone games. Below is the list of best iPhone games available in January 2019.

Best iPhone Games (January 2019)

1. The game of life

The game of life is based on an amazing concept. You can select different stages of life and play them in a form of a board game. Additionally, you can play with your friends using the multiplayer mode. Moreover, the game has different modes, like the first mode. This is mainly because the normal game takes quite a long time to finish. The game of life is available for free on the Apple Store.

2. GTA San Andreas

This is probably one of the best iPhone games if you love playing GTA and other gangster games. It is a complete gaming park which gives you different missions. You have to use different kinds of weapons and vehicles to kill Andreas through the city. GTA is one of the most addictive games for PC gamers. However, now you can enjoy the game on your iPhone as well. Moreover, the Powerful specifications of iPhone further enhance the gameplay.

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3. Limbo

Limbo is an attractive game, which is adventurous and full of surprises. It is available on the app store for $1. The game will test your touching ability and certain other logical things. At the end of the game, you will realize how simple the answer was and still, you were not able to find it.

4. True Skate

True skate is a free iPhone game which is joyful when you are getting bored. It gives you the power to move the skateboard on the road and you have to swipe left and right to skip the obstacles. Based and the distance you cover, you can compete with your friends. It is a perfect short-term game which people can enjoy while they are waiting for something.

5. Fortnite

If you want to download this famous game on your iPhone, you can directly do so from the app store. Fortnite is most valuable game ever made. If you haven’t played this game yet, don’t miss the opportunity of witnessing the revolution in the gaming industry. It is one of the most downloaded games in the year 2018. Moreover, because of this game, its parent company has posted a profit of $3 Billion.

6. Pubg Mobile

Based on the same line as fortnite, Pubg is the most downloaded modern day game. The popularity of the game is not hidden. It has achieved milestones within months of its launch. You can get engaged in immense fighting android vehicles across the island with your troop. The best part is that it is available for free on the app store. These are the best Pubg Guns in the game.

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7. NBA 2K19

Another best iPhone game of the year 2019. NBA 2K19 is one of the most famous sports game which allows you to play in different career modes. It is an official game by NBA. The simple controls and amazing storyline makes it even more delightful.

8. Fireball

Fireball is one of the best iPhone games which has millions of active players. The game is simple yet difficult to play. You how to shoot fireballs on all the classes which come in your path. There are 20 different levels in the game. Reaching the 20th level is practically impossible if you have not been playing this game for months.

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