Epic Games Earns $3 billion Profit In 2018; Valuation Surges To $15 billion

Epic Games Earns $3 billion Profit In 2018; Valuation Surges To $15 billion

   Epic Games, the makers of games like Fortnite and smash hit, had an amazing 2018. Epic Games has had more than $3 billion profit in the financial year, ended on 30th September 2018. The companies valuation jumped to $15 billion. Maximum share of the prophet was because of the game named, fortnite.

Fortnite has become the most popular game in the world, with millions of active players. This game has helped its parent company, Epic Games, to become one of the most valued gaming company in the world. Additionally, Smash hit has equal you contributed to this a normal profit. However, the exact financial profit from this game has not been shared. But the game has 125 million active players.

According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, fortnite and Smash It, combined to be the most valuable products for Epic Games. Being private company Epic games never share the financials in media. However, the enormous $3 billion profit did trigger an excitement wave in the employees of the company.

Fortnite has continued to be an overnight star for Epic Games. Since it’s launch, Fortnite has always been used because of this growing popularity across the world. In terms of finance, Fortnite has been ranked as the most valuable game in the world. In case you are not aware of what Fortnite is, read it below.

Tencent, a China-based tech company injected $300 million in Epic Games in 2012. Epic Games said in a press note that this investment made them think big. This was when things started changing. Employees belief and faith in the company has made it, what it is today. After the investment round, they started going for big console games, Fortnite and Smash hit were one of them.

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The games were made available on a variety of platforms like PlayStation, Xbox, Android, iOS and many more. The $3 billion profit is praiseworthy because the gaming industry has been the slowest growing one since 2005. Most gaming companies are not even worth the profit of Epic Games in one year. This has inflated the companies valuation to $15 billion.

What is Fortnite?

Fortnite, the reason behind Epic Games success, is a mobile and pc game. It is similar to Pubg, which is its significant competitor. In Fortnite, you are taken to an Island by an air balloon. The main objective of the game is to fight with opponents. The one who remains on the island till the end is declared as the winner. You can also play the game in a multiplayer mode. Additionally, there are multiple buttons which you can use to shoot and kill your opponents. Unlike pubg, gamers can collect stones and other materials to develop their own structure and hide behind it. The unique gameplay has earned Fortnite the most valuable game certification.

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