The New Pubg Update 0.10.0 Is Out: Here Are The Changes And Improvements

The New Pubg Update 0.10.0 Is Out: Here Are The Changes And Improvements

   Pubg has become the best mobile game in 2018 so far. the new update of pubg mobile is out with some amazingly cool features and added themes. Playground unknown battleground became very famous, as soon as it was launched, because of its amazing gameplay. You can take the experience of entire GTA game and even more than that with pubg mobile. The regular updates made any application better than its previous version. Similarly, the new pubg update has been rolled out for the mobile version, which has added several new and amazing features to the existing game.

Earlier this week, the new Pubg update 0.10.0 version was released for the mobile version of the game. The update is sized 1.5 GB. We have seen that pubg adds new themes to the game. Like earlier, we found the Halloween update with customized Halloween dresses and dark themed home screen. Similarly, the new update brings an Exclusive Christmas and winter theme map. A new map has also been added to the classic version of the game. Moreover, some minor bugs have been fixed to further enhance the smooth functioning of  Pubg mobile.

New Pubg Update 0.10.0

  • The new pubg update has brought in new features like the snow theme. Earlier, there was Halloween theme because of that occasion. Now that Christmas is coming pubg has updated the home screen layout and changed it to Winters.
  • Additionally, there have been some minor bug fixes, which will increase the stability and enhance the gaming experience of all the millions of players across the world.
  • You can now convert your language to Arabic. This is because pubg has added the Arabic language to its dictionary.
  • The new pubg update now allows cross-server matching. This means that you can play in servers of any region easily.
  • To reduce hacking pubg has introduced a report option which you can use while spectating other players after dying. This is a great move and will help to reduce hacking in the game.
  • Firearms finished upgrade system has been added to the application.
  • The new pubg update has added several new weekly rewards.
  • There are also several improvements in the chat section where pubg has added options to reduce storage.
  • Moreover, now you get a number of features in the quick chat command section.
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Additionally, the main change in this update is that pubg has added a completely new map for winters. In this version of pubg, a new snow-based map, Vikendi has been added. This is 6 × 6 Km map. Hence, now you can enjoy the all-new belt based map with snow theme instead of grass. Added new daily reward system which will help the new players to gather stuff.

Moreover, there are Vikendi exclusive snow vehicles which will be icing on the cake. You can also fight using snow in this map, just like throwing pumpkins in Halloween update. One more major step that has been taken is that those players who repeatedly exit match just after starting will get banned for a period of time.

The new Vikendi map

As mentioned earlier, the snow themed Vikendi app is the Exclusive part of this new pubg update. The map looks completely redesigned and amazing. You can drive Exclusive snow vehicles. However, they are quite noisy. The footstep sounds have improved a bit on this map. Playing on this map will be a new adventure. The overall map seems satisfactory. The map is smaller and gives you more initial looting time compared to sanhok. However, the initial blue zone is not much destructive. You can get around easily with a large number of vehicles available around the villages.

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