6 Common Mistakes Students Make While Filling Up FAFSA Form

  The Free Application Of Federal Student Aid, also known as FAFSA is an application which is used to determine the student’s aid ability for federal students loan and grants. There are millions of dollars seniors leave behind for aids but these are not fulfilled because of the mistakes students make while filling up the FAFSA form.

Making mistakes while filling up FAFSA form or submitting the form late May result in processing delays or limit the amount of aid awarded to students.

Creating FSA ID

The first step to getting started with FAFSA form is to create an FSA I’d. We strongly recommend you to create an FSA I’d with online facility available. This will allow you to have access to myStudentAid app, sign loans, contracts, and access information online. This will save you time and effort. Just do everything online and be ahead of everyone for FAFSA.

If you are a dependent student, you should also create an FSA ID on behalf of your parent. This ensures that he can sign the contracts electronically using the FSA ID.

You might have heard this quote, “Learn from others mistake,” this is a very apt thing and you should keep this in mind before filing the FAFSA form. Therefore we are listing 10 mistakes students make while filling up FAFSA form.

6 Mistakes Students Make While Filling Up FAFSA Form

1. Entering the wrong social security number

If you make a mistake while filling up the social security number then you might have to fill up the whole FAFSA form again. This is because you will not be given the option to change social security number after entering it. Hence you should always avoid this mistake which students make while filling up the FAFSA form.

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For students whose parent is not a USA resident or legal resident with social security number then seniors advice using “000-00-0000” as your social security number.

2. Submitting a name which doesn’t match your legal name

Do not use a nickname or short form of your names. It is advised not to make this mistake while filling up the FAFSA Form. Use your legal name. The legal name is the one mention on your nation identity documents like social security card or birth certificate. The FAFSA verifies your data with Social security administration. Therefore the name needs to be entered correctly.

If you have entered a wrong name then you have to apply for a correction on paper with an SAR officer.

3. Failing to add the name of school or college

The most common mistake made by students while filling the FAFSA form it that they miss out on the names of schools or colleges they are going to apply. If you don’t write the name of a school or college, the FAFSA won’t share your details with them.

You can add a school name by logging into your FAFSA account and going to corrections.

4. Taking too long to File

The form has to be filled between October and June of next year. Students think that it’s a long time. But experts believe that students should fill the form in October itself rather than waiting for the last day.

5. Miscalculation

Most students make this mistake while filling up the FAFSA form. If you are living with your parents then they have to file their income and assets properly. Independent students may not fill this option.

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6. Failing to update your parents marital status

It is possible that your parents were divorced when you fill-up the form. However, after a few months or years, they got remarried. Then you have to edit the marital status of your parents. Not updating is one of the mistakes students make while filling up the FAFSA form.

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