Xbox One vs Xbox One S: Which is Better? Detailed Comparison!

Xbox One vs Xbox One S: Which is Better? Detailed Comparison!

   Xbox is one of the best gaming console brands by the tech giant, Microsoft. However, there are various versions of the Xbox gaming console and it is quite difficult to choose between them. Xbox one is the best version of Xbox which was launched a few years ago. Whereas, Xbox One S is the latest version of Xbox which is available in the market for the decent price tag. Today we are going to compare Xbox One vs Xbox One S. However, there is a very little scope of comparison between the two Xbox. This is because the competition will help you only to upgrade from Xbox One to Xbox one S. Xbox One has already been discontinued from the market.

Xbox One vs Xbox One S

1. Design & Display

Being the latest gaming console, Microsoft Xbox One S packs a completely sleek and marvelous design compared to the old-fashioned Xbox One. Xbox One S is a white colored compact device placed on top of a small black structure. By default, it can be placed only horizontally, however, it can be placed vertically by using stands available as a supplement for $20. Xbox one looks outdated and is larger in size compared to One S. In spite of the smaller size, Xbox One S packs greater features and power.

One feature which distinguishes Xbox One S a lot is the availability of the 4K streaming feature. You can now stream your favorite content in 4k Ultra HD display. On the other hand, Xbox One supports full HD display only. Besides gaming, the 4K feature helps in streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

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2. Compatibility

Both the version of Xbox supports the same range of games. However, Xbox One S allows you to play the same old games in 4K version. In terms of compatibility, there is not much difference between both the version of Xbox. Additionally, both versions of Xbox support back linking games and those coming under the Xbox subscription packages.

3. Price & Availability

As we have already mentioned, the Xbox one has been discontinued from the market. However, you can find a refurbished one, officially on eBay for $200. The Xbox One S is available officially on the Microsoft website and also on Amazon for $300 (1TB Version). The 500 GB version costs $250.

4. Specifications

Xbox One has more or less same features like Xbox One S. However, some features like 4K support are lagging behind. Both support HDR and blue ray. Additionally, both have Cortana, allowing you to command them over voice. Xbox One S comes with additional Bluetooth support which helps you to connect to devices using Bluetooth. Also, there is a built-in power brick in it. Xbox One lacks both the Bluetooth and built-in power brick feature. In terms of storage, both have a 1TB version in common. Xbox One is also available in a 500 GB version, whereas, Xbox One S 2TB version has been discontinued from the market.

Xbox One vs Xbox One S: Which is better?

Which Xbox you choose depends upon the depth of your pocket and the kind of Features you are looking for. However, in our comparison of the Xbox One and Xbox One S, we found Xbox One S to be a value for money device. We say this because of the upgraded features and 4K support at almost no price difference. Additionally, the letter is powerful and comes with features like Bluetooth connectivity and HDR support. However, if you are looking for a grade then it is not really a good deal, as all features are more or less the same except for the 4K compatibility. Hence, it’s your call to choose between the two amazing gaming console.

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