Here Is The Complete Guide To Root Your Android Device

Here Is The Complete Guide To Root Your Android Device

      Rooting is a process by which you will become a master of a device in real terms. Rooting an Android device can get you unlimited features and tools using which you can perform many astounding activities. However, it may do some major damage to your phone. Hence, you should be well aware of all the side effects of rooting. In this post, we will guide you through each and every step of rooting your Android device. Many people think that root n is a very complex process. However, using our steps you can root your Android device within a few minutes.

Benefits of Rooting Your Device

  • There are many benefits of rooting your Android device. It is just like jailbreaking an IOS device.
  • The major benefit of rooting Android device is that you can delete the bloatware.
  • Additionally, you can flash custom ROMs to get a new feeling. This means that you can experience any platform interface, like iOS on your Android device.
  • Moreover, there are certain to use using which you can download paid applications and games for free on your device.
  • You can turn your Android device into a windows platform by flashing some amazing custom ROMs.

How to root your Android device

1. Backup your data

Before starting the procedure of root x you must back up all the data of your smartphone. This is very important because many times the entire data of the phone is lost while rooting. Hence, you must back up the data on some cloud or your laptop.

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2. Getting Started

Rooting an Android device is very simple and requires just click to do so. There are many applications which allow you to the rooted device by clicking once. You can download the kingo root app for one-click rooting. However, there are a number of other applications which you have to research. This is because one application does not support all Android versions and mobile phones. To find out the best application which suits your device and install it on your smartphone.

3.Unlock bootloader

The bootloader has all the information of applications which will run during boot up. Hence, unlocking bootloader is very essential before you proceed to root.

4. Root using Applications

Find a suitable application which can root your device model. Kingo Root works like a charm for most devices. Below are the steps to do so.

  • Click here, and follow the steps to download kingo root application on your Android device.
  • After you have installed the application on your smartphone, launch it.
  • No simply click on one touch root option.
  • Your device will be successfully rooted in a matter of seconds.
  • Enjoy all the cool features.

Additional Points

  • Make sure that your device is fully charged before you start the rooting process. This is very important to save a device, in case anything goes wrong.
  • After rooting your device, you should download other applications like check my route to keep a track if any problem occurs.

Disadvantages of Rooting


If you root your Android device, your warranty from the company will be voided. Hence, the people with new devices are not recommended to root them.

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Device is killed

In case there is some problem in the routing process you will see a dead Android symbol on the smartphone. This situation is said to be a killed Android one. However, there are steps to later revive your device.


If you install and unstable custom ROM there are chances that your device will lag miserably. There are instances when the camera does not work on many devices. Moreover, certain applications will completely stop working on rooted devices, like most e-wallets nowadays. However, all the problems have a dedicated solution.

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