Here Are The List Of Best Xbox One Games Available For You

Here Are The List Of Best Xbox One Games Available For You

  Xbox one is the most powerful gaming console, manufactured by Microsoft. They have so much power that they are called the console for the generation coming up, to be known as the console generation. You can play a wide variety of games on your Xbox One. However, there are not exclusive games like the Nintendo switch. Still, you can enjoy from the white priority of list available in the market. From racing to actions, Xbox One has got it all for you. Here is the list of latest and best Xbox one games.

Latest & Best Xbox One Games

1. Gears Of War

As the name suggest gears of War is one of the best action games your level play on your Xbox One. This game has 3 series and has dominated the gaming world for a long time. The game includes a sense of horror and shooting. If you are looking for this game on your Xbox One, you can get the gears of War 4th edition.

2. Grand Theft Auto 5

From the world of Rockstar games, GTA requires no introduction to gamers. It is one of the best player game you will never play in your life. From PC’s, GTA has come a long way and is now available for the Xbox One. GTA V has even more enhanced graphics and powerful effects. It is an all in one game. The game is regularly updated and you need to complete all the missions in order to complete the game.

3. Hitman 2

Become a real-life assassin with Hitman 2. In this game, you will be on a mission to kill people. Hitman 2 is a lot popular among the PlayStation and PC gamers. Now extending its arms to Xbox One, Hitman 2 is becoming readily popular. There is a wide variety of rolls you have to play in course of the game. It is port interesting and adventurous.


Don’t be shocked. You can now plea Bujji on your Xbox One. This is one of the best Xbox One games that you will ever find. It has not even been a year since PUBG is out and has already created a worldwide fan base. Now get it on your Xbox One and enjoy powerful multiplayer player Mode with your friends. You can play in various mode drive vehicles, shoot your opinions, and plan your next move. After all, your ultimate goal is to win a chicken dinner.

5. Dragon Ball Fighterz

Get involved in intense fighting with the latest Dragon Ball z game. It is the latest game from Dragon Ball z. We have seen dozens of game rolling out in the past few years. However, Dragon Ball fighterz is one of its kind and allows you to get engaged an intense shooting and fighting.

6. Fortnite

A game which took the entire gaming community to the next platform. It attracted the entire world just before PUBG was launched. It is a game somewhat similar to pubg, where you need to shoot your opponents and collect stuff from different houses. Unlike Pubg, you can create your own building by gathering stones and bricks. The console makes it even more fun.

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7. Forza Horizon 4

This is perhaps one of the best Xbox One racing game. Forza Horizon 4 takes racing to another level. It has attractive graphics and high-end user control. Racing games are a lot more fun on the consoles compare mobile phones and PCS. The has already proved in itself to be the best in the entire segment. Get daily and weekly machines to complete and unlock a never-ending series of cars. Race exclusively on the streets of Britain and set it on fire.

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