Wrestlemania 35: Batista Vs Triple H Prediction, Full Match & Winner Name

            Wrestlemania 35 Batista Vs Triple H Full Match: Wrestlemania is now to begin in a few days and the excitement can be seen in the WWE fans. Everyone is talking about Wrestlemania 2019. Every match of Wrestlemania is being awaited but the mostly awaited match is Triple H Vs Batista. Both the superstars will be facing each other in a ring after a very long time and that too in a No Holds Barred match. Well, Batista left WWE in 2010 and since then he never faced Triple H in the ring. We are going to see both of them fighting each other in one on one match in Wrestlemania 35. Last time they both fought one on one was in Wrestlemania 21. In Monday Night Raw, Batista said that he is angry with Triple H.

This match was already declared after the Royal Rumble where these two would face each other. In the Royal Rumble Pay Per View event, both the superstars gave great performances. Batista performed few matches as compared to the Triple H. Triple H fought with Undertaker several times. So, now everyone’s eyes are fixed on this match and everyone wants to see these two face each other in one on one match. According to some theories, we are going to predict the winner of this match. To know the prediction, keep reading the content.

Batista Vs Triple H Wrestlemania 2019: Prediction

We all know that in Wrestlemania 21, Batista defeated Triple H in No Disqualification match with Ric Flair. Both the superstars have their own efficient moves that can easily defeat any enemy. Just like Triple H has Spine Buster and Pedigree on his side while on the other hand, Batista has The Spear and Powerbomb that too are ravaging moves. So, it is quite hard to predict the winner before the main event but still, the chance of Triple H winning this event are even. He can win this match but as we know WWE has the tendency to surprise his fans, so, predictions can’t be helped until we witness the real match.

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Why WWE Choose Batista for Triple H?

We know that this year many of the superstars are not performing well as before. Superstars like John Cena, Big Show, Undertaker and Kane are not able to give such performances that WWE requires. So, this year WWE chose Batista to face Triple H in the Wrestlemania 2019.

There are slight possibilities that after this event, Batista may leave WWE for a while and rest depends on the outcome of the match that will direct the future decisions of the superstars.

Triple H vs Batista Wrestlemania 2019: Full Match List

This match has become one of the most awaited matches of the Wrestlemania 2019 and after seeing the previous matches of Monday Night, it has become much clear and obvious that this match will add heat to this main event. Another match that is mostly nowadays on the tongue of fans is Brock Lesnar vs Seth Rollins. So, on 7 April 2019, it will be decided that do the fans like this match or not.

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