WWE Wrestlemania 35 Full Matches Card List 2019 & More Details!

           WWE Wrestlemania 35 Full Matches Card List 2019: Since our childhood, we have known WWE for Wrestlemania and till date also it is quite entertaining for most of the people. The probability is that this year there will be a huge crowd with 72,000 audiences to watch the Wrestlemania 35. In the beginning, there was a dilemma about the matches. The matches of Wrestlemania 35 were not set and it created a big confusion but now everything is clear and on its way. Even after everything is clear enough, it is uncertain that Undertaker will be joining or not. In the recent episode of Monday Night Raw, Brock did more than 5 F5 to Seth Rollins. It shook the audiences. So, it is predictable that fans would like to expect the same thing on the ring on 8th April.

WWE Wrestlemania 2019 Matches List 35 –

This year starting from the main event, all the matches are going to be more amazing as Kurt Angle farewell will make a new story in this tournament. Kurt Angle has already announced that he is going to face Baron Corbin at the Wrestlemania. It means that audiences will account legends in this tournament.

Brock Lesnar vs Seth Rollins –

Seth Rolling has played his negative role in every event from money in the bank to Summerslam. He has been an important wrestler in WWE. On 28th January 2019, he won the Royal Rumble battle royal. He also faced The Beast (Brock Lesnar) in one on one match. It is a No Disqualification match and if you look at the past records of the Brock Lesnar then you would come to know that it is impossible to stand in the ring if you are fighting the Beast of the ring.

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Triple H vs Batista –

Now, we all know Batista and Triple H. They are most experienced personalities in the WWE. When Batista attacked Ric Flair on the backstage, he challenged Triple H for One on One match is the WrestleMania that is going to be held this year. These both wrestlers are going to face each other after 16 year that is quite surprising for everyone and will be full of entertainment for the audiences also.

Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal –

Wrestlemania is full of entertainment so, a 20 Men battle royal is also going to happen this year at Wrestlemania. The names of the wrestlers wrestling in the battle royal are not revealed but the officials have confirmed that the final will happen. This year both men and women championship match will have final. Still, more information has to come regarding the matches.

Aj Styles Vs Randy Orton –

AJ Styles and Randy Orton are both experienced and have great moves with strength. These two have been fighting each other for many weeks. So, it would be quite fun to watch both in One on One match.

Ronda Rousey vs Becky Lynch

The One on One match is not only of men but of women also. So when it comes to the women championship match, Ronda Rousey and Becky are best suitable for the public.

Finn Balor Vs Undertaker –

It is not confirmed whether Undertaker will fight Finn Balor. Some rumors say that Balor will be facing Undertaker to defeat him at the grand stage.

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There will be other One on One match also but the interesting ones will be Shane Mcmahon Vs The Miz and Kurt Angle vs Baron Corbin.

United State Champion – Rey Mysterio Vs Samoa Joe

Cruiserweight Championship – Tony Nese vs Buddy Murphy

There is more waiting at the Wrestlemania 2019 and WWE will be confirming the matches within this week. So, pull up the socks for the upcoming Wrestermania.

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