Wrestlemania 2019 Prediction: Who Will Win The Wrestlemania 35?

        Wrestlemania 2019 Prediction: Everyone is overwhelmed with both excitement and a lot of questions regarding the upcoming Pay Per View event. WWE Wrestlemania 35 is on its way with lots and lots of entertainment. As the event is coming near, the general question arises that who will become the winner of this Pay Per View (PPV) event. The public eyes are on the main event and as we all know that many of the superstars are out of the ring, it can be a factor for low attendance in the show. WWE has planned something big but as many superstars are not wrestling, the response from the public is low.

Wrestlemania has grown big since the past 35 years and this year’s Wrestlemania is a mystery. We all know that after the Royal Rumble 2019, Seth Rollins and Brock Lesnar are going to face each other in one on one championship match and watching them fight will be full of surprises. Fans are eagerly waiting and are anticipated for this event.

Everyone would have noticed until now that this year WWE is focusing more on the women’s championship match rather than of men. WWE is focusing more on the women’s superstar Ronda Rousey. Apart from this, the audience has already made the prediction of the one on one championship match between Seth Rollins and Brock Lesnar. As we compare both the wrestlers, it is clear that Brock is one of the top superstars in WWE and has mostly won the championship matches. So, from these stats, it can be predicted that Brock Lesnar has an upper hand in this championship match and can even win it.

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In Monday Night raw Batista returned and now, he may face Triple H One on One championship match. We haven’t seen Batista and Triple H fighting each other in one on one Triple threat match. So, this Wrestlemania would be at a different level.

Most awaited Matches of Wrestlemania 35

  • Shane McMahon Vs The Miz –

We have seen both Shane McMahonb and Miz fighting each other in the previous Monday Night Raw episode and now we can predict that who will be winning this match. Shane was last seen in Wrestlemania 32 fighting against The Undertaker but this time, it could be possible that he will have to fight The Miz in One on One championship Match. It is possible that The Miz could win this match but let’s not get hasty and wait for the final.

  • Will Brock Lesnar win this year’s title?

Brock Lesnar is considered as one of the strongest fighter or wrestler in WWE and that’s why he is known as ‘The Beast’. He has given his performance in all kind of rings. Due to his performances, he has become the most anticipated player in WWE and after the Royal Rumble, where he faced Seth Rollins; he is now on everyone’s eyes. Everyone wants to see him fight in the one on one match with Seth Rollins in the Wrestlemania 35. In Royal Rumble, Brock Lesnar did more than 5 F5 on Seth Rollins that shook the audience. So, the audience wants Seth to give a performance against Brock in this main event.

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