What Is The Common App? And Why It Is Used? Here Is All You Need To Know!

                  What Is The Common App? And Why It Is Used: The Common Application which is most commonly known as the Common App is an undergraduate college admission application that are used by the applicants in order to apply to any of more than 800 member colleges as well as universities in total of 49 states and the District of Columbia, along with in Canada, China, as well as several other European countries.

What is the Common App?

Member colleges, as well as universities that accept the Common App, are basically made up of more than 100 public universities, 10 Historically Black Colleges and Universities, along with more than 250 institutions that do not require an application fee.

What is the Main Objective of the Common App?

The mission of the Common App is to promote access, equity, as well as honesty in the college admission procedure, which comprises of subjective factors,  garnered from essays as well as references together with more objective standards such as class rank.

Who Operates and Manage the Common App?

The Common App is managed and operated by the staff of a not-for-profit membership association (The Common Application, Inc.) as well as governed by a 13-member volunteer Board of Directors that are drawn from the ranks of college admission deans as well as the secondary school college counselors.

When to start working on college applications through the Common App?

Every year, the new edition of the Common App opens on August 1. On the other hand, students can also make an account at any time along with transferring their details into the new app when it opens.

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In order to start, applicants have to visit the commonapp.org and click on the “Apply Now” button to get the particulars about how to create an account as well as log in to work on an application through the platform.

To keep the track of deadlines, invite recommenders as well as to set reminders, students can download the Common App’s mobile app.

How much time Does it take to Fill out an Application?

Well, there’s no fixed time in filling out an application as the application process varies from different educational institutes.

Every school has its own requirements, experts say. On the other hand, students must need to give themselves at least six weeks to get the whole thing they need for college applications, says a premier college admissions counselor, Christine Chu along with IvyWise, who is an education consulting company based in New York.

You can expect at least two weeks to fill out any background information and at least a month for additional documents required.

How to Use the Common App?

If any students have any doubts regarding the Common App or any questions about filling the application, can also take the help of their high school counselor as well as admissions officers at the colleges they’re applying to, as to the experts.

Other than that you can also get help from various resources in order to make the Common App application process much easier.

There are also various tutorials videos in the application that will also help you out in solving your problem relating to the filling the application. The platform also has year-round technical support accessible 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

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