What Is Epilepsy? Here Is Everything You Need To Know About This Neural Disorder

                   More than 3.4 million people in the United States are treated with epilepsy. The neurological disorder is known for causing seizures in the nerves. It is a serious disorder and causes a spectrum of other problems in the human body. The researcher’s diagnosis the patients but seriously struggles while researching on the spectrum of disorders caused by this disease. The exact methodology of cure in the disease is also here to be found.

Epilepsy is a general term used for the diagnosis of a disorder which causes seizures. It is considered as a spectrum of disorders because of its wide range of causes and types of seizures, according to the National Institute of neurological disorders and stroke.

The family of Disney star Cameron Boyce, who died in his sleep, said that his fatal seizure was caused by epilepsy.

During a seizure, the neurons stats firing and Sending big and quick electrical signals to the brain. These electrical signals which are sent to the brain cause involuntary changes in the movements and other responses of the body. In some cases, it leads to unconsciousness. We have listed the effects of epilepsy and the symptoms to make people aware of this disorder.

Symptoms of Epilepsy

The symptoms of epilepsy from person to person depending upon the severity. It leads to the loss of awareness and in most cases it leads to continuous blinking of eyes. This was explained by the national institute of neurological disorders and stroke.

The symptoms of epilepsy include a change in the mood. For instance, sometimes the mood might be really good and you might feel like a dream, while, the next second your mode would change. It is accompanied by repetitive motions in the body like blinking, twitching and swallowing.

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General seizures often affect both sides of the brain and symptoms includes dizziness, staring without understanding and getting unconscious. More than 50% of cases of epilepsy are because of no known reason. The others are because of the following

Genetic Mutation: Various doctors at the institute have estimated that epilepsy is caused because of various gene mutation. The are many genes which cause this disorder. The mutation affects the neurological functioning of the nerves and causes changes. This leads to the formation of disorders.

Traumatic Brain Injury: Doctors found that one out of every 10 teenagers hospitalized for brain trauma developed this neural disorder.

Brain Condition: It is a common observation that the brain develops this neural disorder while recovering from diseases like Alzheimer. Stroke is a case in which the blood supply is cut to a part of the brain. It is also a common reason for this disorder.

Can be controlled

The treatment of the disorders has not yet been found. However, it has been seen that patients can live a normal life. About 70% of patients can control themselves after having undergone surgery and taking regular Medicine. Therefore, it must be understood that this disorder is not necessarily fatal. It can be easily controlled by taking medicines. In less than 20% of Cases, the disorder caused death.

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