Want To Become An AWS Certified Architect? Here Is The Complete Guide For You!

Want To Become An AWS Certified Architect? Here Is The Complete Guide For You!

                  Guide to become an AWS Certified Architect: IT is one of the finest career options in today’s world. So are you looking to boost your IT career further? AWS certification will give wings to your career. The architect association certification is one of the most demanded certifications in the world because of its credibility. It has been ranked as one of the highest and most valuable certifications. An AWS Certified architect has an average annual salary of $120000. We have written down the entire details about the AWS certified architect course. So is it a good option and what is it all about?

What is the AWS Certification?

The entire course of AWS Certified Architect will take you through a number of events which we have mentioned below in details.

  • You can design highly scalable and fault proof systems at the Amazon platform.
  • AWS has various categories including security, database, computer, and data requirements. Hence, one can choose any one of these and get flourished.
  • It adds the art of controlling cost and other financial models.

A person having an interest in cloud development and research on cloud infrastructure as well as developing different kinds of systems and securities for the cloud servers are eligible for the AWS exam. Basically, system infrastructure developers and system engineers are the perfect aspirants for AWS exam.

The exam has been divided into two parts- Associate and Professional. The associate level exam is the first level which is a must have a certificate for anyone who wants to set for the professional examination. Basically, the associate level exam tests the knowledge of a basic understanding of cloud architecture and cloud infrastructure systems.  Level 1 is a base forming examination which includes the basics of cloud engineering.

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AWS Certified Architect Careers & Jobs

Certifications matter only when they add value to your CV and knowledge. Moreover, most people do certifications to get promotion and increase their pay scale. It is no different in the case of AWS Certification. Most IT people set for the examination in order to get a boost in their salary. You will be amazed to know that AWS certification has been ranked as one of the highest paying certifications in the entire world. An associate level certification gives an average salary of $120000 per annum. Its age and amazing option because it adds respect to your career as well as helps you enter rank one of the most desired profession of the future.

The exam’s not really easy but it isn’t that hard for a person who has an interest in cloud engineering and is ready to spend some hours learning. The exam can be easily cracked by following the guides of experts and making a clear strategy before setting for the exam. You must know the marking scheme and the format of questions that are going to come before sitting on the exam. Hence, we have given down some important guidelines and details about the certification exam.

AWS Certified Architect Exam Guidance

The will of having the knowledge behind the certification is one of the most important factors.  It is a 130 minutes examination which consists of 56 multiple choice questions. The one-time fees are $150 and certification fees are $75. The celebration and material for studying are provided after registration for the examination. It basically includes all things like network, database, security, database construction, and software development. The people having the motive to acquire knowledge from the examination, have a higher probability of clearing the examination at the first attempt. Therefore, you can go through some other materials available online and sample papers too before setting for your certification examination.

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