UK Bank Holidays: Why And How Can They Affect Your Vacation Plans?

                 UK Bank Holidays: National holidays in the UK are the bank holidays in Britain since the late 19th century. The name is so because it has its origin refers to those days on which the banks were closed for trading. The workers in the bank were not able to get the bank off because they go for compiling their accounts work on the holiday and tidy up the bookkeeping. This tradition of closing banks and bank holidays was started in the 20th century even when all the tidy keeping work was completed in the business days. The scenario is quite changed now. These bank holidays also signifies excuses for relaxation, shopping, and sales.

Metro Company- An Exception

Despite this, a company with name metro opened in 2010 as the first street bank in 100 years. This is the bank which has ethics of being working all seven days even on the bank holidays as it is the main selling point. All the branches of this bank which are located mostly in London and also in the southeast of London. Each branch follows the same ethos and remains opened lately on the normal weekdays as well.

Businesses Experiencing Bank Holidays

There are lot many things that are the same as usual but with a cluster of changes that could bring impact on the vacations. This is because if you are planning a visit to Scotland, England, Wales or Northern Island then there are certain points to go through. As these days expects national holidays then one should expect.

  • Most of the banks are closed and also the post offices. In case you are using online banking then the transaction will not be done until the bank holiday is over. Thus do not expect any refund till date.
  • Most of the office business like the travel agencies will be on holiday.
  • The holiday traffic has already clogged motorways.
  • The crowding at the popular family attractions will be high.
  • The booking of the rooms will be quite expensive as well as harder.
  • Most of the big shops will remain open. The only exceptions are Easter Sunday or Christmas Day.
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Bank Holiday Calendar

UK Holidays

The days on which banks in the UK will experience holiday are listed as below-

If the day 25 December and 26 December fall on the weekends then the following Monday and Tuesday are bank holidays.

Holidays in Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland also celebrates two additional bank holidays and they are-

  • St.Patrick’s Day- It is on March 17 or the nearest Monday if it falls on the weekend.
  • Battle of the Boyne (Orangeman’s Day)- It will be on July 12 or it on the nearest Monday if it falls on the weekend.

Holidays in Scotland

Easter Monday holiday is not experienced in Scotland. Despite this, most of the people take the day as off. In addition to this St. Andrew’s Day is an optional bank holiday. Banks have the rights to close but they don’t give off to their employees for the day,

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