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Christmas Facts 2018

   If you are looking the Christmas Facts and stuff then you are on a very right page. Here, we are going to write down the best Christmas facts of the year for you all. You all should know that Christmas is here. Our family and friends are all set for the Christmas 2018. We think that Christmas Facts 2018 is going to increase the knowledge. Christmas is full of familiar traditions: carving the ham, leaving cookies out for Santa, listening to Uncle Morty talks about some issues.

We are going to write down the best Christmas Facts here. We all are following the exact same trend since a very long time. Christmas offers a mix of religious and secular traditions and some of them are amazing Christmas Facts. We are going to write down the best and latest Christmas Facts here. You all can check all the related information of the Christmas here on our webpage. If you are looking for the Christmas facts here then you need to scroll down here.

Christmas Facts 2018-

Santa Claus’ look wasn’t invented by the Coca-Cola-

A lot of folks are saying that Santa Claus’ look was invented by the Coca-Cola Company. You all should know that the internet age has given rise to a lot of silly. Even Santa has fallen victim to this scam, despite the fact that he’s technically a non-profit.  Overall, a few years ago a lot of people start talking about that the Coca-Cola’s iconic portrait of Santa has shaped the way we describe him to children.

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Santa didn’t always have a beard-

You all might know that Santa Claus is famous for his beard. You all should know that the according to the book ‘One Night Stands with American History,’ 17th-century Dutch settlers brought the jolly fat man to America’s shores and their image of Santa was “tall, slender and very dignified” without his trademark beard. After that, an Artist and political cartoonist Thomas Nast draw down beard on his face. The pages of ‘Harper’s Weekly’ during the latter part of the 19th century.

Santa has a Postal Zip Code-

Some of you might know that the Santa has a Postal Zip Code and that’s not even enough. A lot of folks and kids in the United States of America, Canada, and other countries send letters to Santa Claus. You all should know that the Canadian Post Office receives so many that some postal workers started answering the letters. After seeing a sudden rise in the letters we have seen that the people have started the “Santa Letter-writing Program” literacy initiative. The zip code? H0H 0H0, of course.

Christmas Facts 2018 is here and you all can check them out for sure. If you have any question then you can ask us down in the comment section. Christmas Facts are given here. We are pretty sure that you all can read the Christmas Facts and you all can share these latest Christmas Facts with your family and friends on Facebook and other streaming sites.

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