Trump’s Lifeline To Huawei At G20 Will Fierce Political Backlash In The US

If President Donald Trump has agreed to reverse the sanctions against Huawei, he has taken the worst decision,” tweeted Senior Senator Republic Rubio. This two was followed by the news which highlighted that President Donald Trump has agreed for resuming the trade talks with China. The news also highlighted that Trump has given a signal that he can reverse sanctions which were recently imposed on some China best Tech companies.

Everyone is aware of the fact that the biggest sanction exposed to a Chinese Tech company was Huawei. The Trump administration had imposed a complete ban on trade practices between the US forms and Chinese major, Huawei, earlier this year. The tweet further read, “Such a decision will destroy the credibility of his administration and that no one will take the sanctions seriously from the next time.”

There was very little information about this thing when Donald Trump briefs the metre just after the meeting with Xi Jinping at G20 summit in Osaka, Japan. However, during the question and answer session with the media, it was highlighted that the US companies can now sell their products to Huawei as long as national security is not a concern. He added that it’s his personal favor for Jinping.

A democratic leader said that China is involved in a lot of unfair trade practices and if Donald Trump backs off from his stance, which he is likely doing, it will be difficult for the administration to put China off their unfair trade practices.

Trump news briefing also said that the US companies provide components which are complex and essential for technological developments of the end products that are produced by Huawei. Moreover, the items are produced only by the United States and this is why he has allowed the US forms to continue selling the high-end Complex products to the Chinese firm.

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Rubio suggested that the the the sanction which Donald Trump has taken back through his talks with China has to be reinforced by them using legislation. A few days earlier, everyone knew that Huawei is a threat to national security and that the United States is in favor of finishing the company altogether. However, today we stand at a place where the administration has taken back the sanctions and has allowed the US firms to sell their Complex and unique products to the company.

This is a big setback for the Trump administration himself and shows how we the willpower he has, another senator added. The new development would bring Huawei back on track and it will once again become a big threat to the United States.

All we can make out from this entire development in the recent one day is that China is not going to compromise on Huawei if trade deals have to proceed and that the politics is going to intensify in the United States once Donald Trump is back from his Korea tour.

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