Tornado Touched Down In North Portland, NWS Confirms

                The National Weather Service has confirmed that this was a tornado that touched down in northeast Portland on Monday. The NWS also states that the tornado, an EF-0 with peak wind gusts of 80 mph, touched down at around 5:24 pm with a track length of approximately one mile.

“Storm team survey confirmed a tornado touched down in north Portland at 524 PM, with a track length of about 1 mile. Further details and an intensity determination will come later tonight,” tweeted NWS Portland.

Till now, it has been confirmed that the tornado took out quite a lot of trees as well as power lines in the Alameda neighborhood of Northeast Portland about 5:30 pm on Monday evening.

The National Weather Service along with a storm assessment crew made the determination late Monday evening on the basis of the type of wind damage that has been left behind.

The National Weather Service depends on the reports from callers, social media as well as accomplished volunteer weather spotters.

Miles Higa, who is a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Portland said, “We happened to have one weather spotter near that neighborhood, and they saw a funnel cloud,”

 Anna Blieler, a local returning to her home said to the news agency, “There was furniture from across the neighbor’s flying up, trees just, branches flying over and just like our car was shaking, we were shaking, I was holding onto my dog, I thought we were going to be swept away,”

She further added, “And we just saw the tree get ripped out and fell on the house.”

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At first, in the initial time of the natural disaster at 3:56 PM, NWS Portland tweeted, “Developing thunderstorm northwest of Forest Grove.  When thunder roars, go indoors! #orwx”

After that, they tweeted at 4:23 pm and stated, “New storm sprouted up off the other storm.  This new developing storm is located between Hillsboro and Forest Grove. #orwx”

And then at 4:53 pm, they tweeted, “Storm continues to grow eastward toward the west side of Portland.  If you’re outside near west Portland, head indoors now. #pdxtst”

Earlier, the Portland Fire & Rescue had also tweeted in the evening that it had also received various reports of a funnel cloud in the area, but at that time was not able to confirm the accounts. The agency, however, reported no loss or injuries.

Portland Fire & Rescue tweeted, “Crews did find trees and power lines down there were no injuries reported there were several reports of a funnel cloud in the area but PF&R cannot confirm those reports at this time”

Portland Fire & Rescue was responding to lay down trees as well as power lines nearby Northeast 21st Avenue and the Northeast Going Street.

There were about more than 360 customers who were without power in that area. Pacific Power than said they are hoping in order to restore power by 10 am Tuesday.

There were also more trees that came down close at Northeast 21st and Going, as well as near Northeast 10th and Wygant Street.

NWS Portland further tweeted, “After assessment of the tornado damage, we’ve rated the tornado an EF-0 with peak wind gusts of 80 mph.”

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