Top 7 Scholarships For International Students In United Kingdom (UK)

Top 7 Scholarships For International Students In United Kingdom (UK)

     Studying in the UK is a great experience for international students. The UK remains one of the most preferred destinations for international students. The UK is ranked second among the best countries for foreign education. Additionally, UK has many universities in the list of top 10 universities in the world. There many more reasons to study in the UK. However, not many students can afford to study in an international country. The expense of living and the high tuition fees is a matter of concern for more students aspiring to study abroad in the United Kingdom. Hence, there are a number of scholarships in the UK for which you can apply. Below is the list of best scholarships available for international students in the UK.

Best Scholarships in the UK

1. Chevening Scholarships

The scholarship is offered by the government of the United Nations. All international students can apply for the scholarship as long as they fulfill the eligibility criteria mentioned by the government. With these scholarships in the UK, you can pay the tuition fees of your University as well as the living allowance. However, the scholarship is available only for postgraduate courses in the United Kingdom and not the undergraduate courses.

2. Commonwealth Masters Scholarship

If you are the citizen of a Commonwealth Country, you can apply for this scholarship in the UK. However, Uday scholarship is exclusively for students who are seeking admission in a postgraduate course in the United Kingdom University. The International Development Ministry takes care of the tuition fees, airfares and a monthly allowance for such international students. Moreover, you can apply for the scholarship from your country itself by reaching out the appropriate authorities.

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3. Gates Cambridge Scholarship

This is a private scholarship for international students provided by the University of Cambridge. No government agencies are a part of the scholarship. All the tuition fees and rents are paid by the university itself. Additionally, students are given a monthly allowance, which can be used for expenses like daily food and other things.

4. Rhodes scholarships

This is the oldest scholarship program in the world which offer admission with scholarship in the most prestigious college, Oxford University. If you think that you have the caliber then sit for this Scholarship exam and get a chance to study free of cost in the Nobel institution. However, this admits students to only postgraduate courses.

5. Edinburgh Global Research Scholarship

If you are looking for a Ph.D. program in any field you can consider the Edinburg Global Research scholarship. This scholarship is provided to 30 students enrolled length in Edinburg University. However, hate only gives admission to Ph.D. courses. You will not have to pay the tuition fees at grant if you get this scholarship.

6. Denys Holand Scholarship

This is a scholarship by the university college of London for students seeking admission in undergraduate programs. Moreover, students from any country can avail the scholarship and get admission to the undergraduate program at the University of London. You will not have to pay the tuition fees and hostel fees upon a wavelength this scholarship in the UK. This is one of the rear International scholarships for undergraduate programs in the United Kingdom.

7. Developing Solutions Scholarship

This is a scholarship for international students from developing countries. If you are a citizen of a developing country like Africa or India, you can get admission using the scholarship. The admission is provided to the University of Nottingham. Additionally, this university scholarship is designed for those students who want to serve the developing countries. Serving means that students want to add value to their country by gaining adequate education. You will not have to pay any fees inside the premises of University.

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