These Are The 5 Best Games For Mac Devices You Need To Try Now!

            Best Games For Mac Devices: There is a common misconception among most people that gaming and Mac don’t go hand in hand. Windows-based PC and laptops are preferred for gaming by most people. The argument is correct to some extent because it has not been developed for the purpose of gaming mainstream. However, that doesn’t mean that Apple will stop you from playing games on your expensive Mac Device. There awesome amazing games are available to download and play on these Mac devices. We have listed down all the latest and trendiest games for mac below. Hence, you must download them right away and start enjoying.

Best Mac Games 2019

1. Stardew Valley

This is one of the best-developed games for Mac. It is basically a Farming simulator game which requires the player to perform different kinds of activities a farmer does in his form. He or she can take help of different kinds of tools for harvesting crops in his field and then growing them subsequently. The game is inspired by a retro look and the developer has changed a lot of things compared to the previous version. It also has many different kinds of characters which can be chosen by the player. Besides, the application also provides an online multiplayer mode which has already been launched for PC and Mac. The next update will at this feature to the Nintendo switch devices.

2. StarCraft ii

Starcraft 2 who is a very famous game and has gained a lot of popularity compared to its predecessor. It is basically a strategy based game which requires the player to make different kinds of decisions and mico-judging. The game has become so popular in countries like South Korea that it has made its way to the national games. Besides fighting with the enemies, the player has to take care of all the available resources and how the strategy should be made for defeating the enemies effectively.

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3. Minecraft

Minecraft needs no introduction when it comes to gaming. It is one of the best games for Mac and all other devices. It was launched back in 2009 and it has become popular since then. The player has no resources initially while playing the game and he has to build structures with his naked hands. However, you can start digging the ground and find out diamonds and gold from the soil to increase the resources. The player has the complete freedom to do anything on the map.

4. Gone Home

Gone home is a rare game but unique because it has a unique style. The game is based on a storyline of a college-going student who has returned to his family estate after completing one year of his education abroad. When he returns home, he finds the home empty. Moreover, he has no clue about where his family has gone. The player is allowed to explore is and every aspect and then find some clue. Even though the game has been based on 90s time, it doesn’t feel old and boring at all. Rather, the game becomes really interesting with time.

5. Kerbal Space Programme

This is another amazing game that we have added to our list of best games for Mac. It is a flight simulation game veg is very engaging. The game looks like a basic and cartoonist. However, the game is meant for serious space programs. The game can be played by both casual players and professionals who want a glimpse of a detailed flight simulator. There different kinds of detailed controls which will allow you to get a glimpse of the aircraft and rockets. Hence, this is a must-have the game on Mac devices.

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