8 Useful Mac Apps Which Are Absolutely Essential For Mac Lovers

 MacOS Mojave has recently graced all the Mac’s. To make the all-new Mac even better we are listing a set of best Mac apps which are extremely essential for you. The apps listed below are best and very useful and you must have it on your Mac devices. From free apps and utilities to programs for creative and professional, these Mac apps will make your Mac even better.

Best Mac Apps: Extremely Useful and Essential

1. Alfred 3

Alfred is like a spotlight with a dash of Siri. It’s an application launcher but it can do much more than that. It fills the gap between Siri and spotlight search. You can search for new and meaning of words and much more. It gives you automated features, unlike Siri. Thus you must have this essential Mac app.

2. Amphetamine

Amphetamine app keeps your screen awake and doesn’t let it sleep, or slip into screensaver mode. This essential Mac app is very useful for people who often stream for hours or does anything which does not require the use of touchpad for a long time.

3. Evernote

It is a utility Mac app, also known as the king of note-taking apps. The simple interface makes it user-friendly. The sync option is amazing and can be used to sync data with any web services which is just unbelievable. Evernote app provides a free version in which the functions are limited. You can store up to only 60MB data in the free version of this app. It’s decent enough for normal users. In case you are a heavy user, you can opt for premium membership for just $35.

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4. Pockets

As the name suggests, the pockets app allow users to “pocket” anything on the go. You can save videos, text, images and web pages for viewing them later. This is a very essential Mac application for those who don’t want to miss things when they are busy. Simply pocket them and watch whenever you are free.

5. Wunderlist

Most people think that this app is no longer available for Mac, as it has been acquired by Microsoft. Don’t get fooled, the wunderlist app is still available for Mac devices and remains one of the top utility software. It helps you to create simple to-do lists and keeps reminding you. This Mac app also allows you to save web pages and videos, just like pockets. Besides, you can sync contacts across devices. Hence it is a very essential Mac app.

5. Spotify

You might have heard the name of this famous app a thousand times. It is the best alternative to apple music. If you want to explore music outside Apple’s ecosystem then this is the one best Mac app. You can search from across millions of Spotify music and enjoy them for free. Besides, you can create your own Spotify playlist and share it with your friends. Spotify needs no introduction when it comes to best music apps across the world.

6. Handbrake

This Mac app allows you to convert digital files and burn them on your DVD. In this era of pen drive, some people still use DVDs. It is a reliable software which also gives you powerful video editing tools.

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7. Transmission

Transmission app ranks among the top Bitcoin clients. The lightweight app allows lighting-fast download speed. So why go for other nonsense torrent downloaders when you can get it all in the transmission app. The app did have a security breach in recent past, therefore we recommend you to download the latest version only.

8. Slack

Perhaps one of the best and essential Mac app for office going people. It is a messaging client app which has taken office productivity to an all new level.

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