These Are Best Fortnite Tracker Websites To Get Insights

These Are Best Fortnite Tracker Websites To Get Insights

               Best Fortnite Tracker Websites: Fortnite is one of the most popular games. Even after being on the top position the game has not introduced any area where the users can track his or her stats in the game. A professional player will always want to track his or her journey during the game. Going through the stats of the game helps in keeping a record on his or her own skills. It will help you in keeping a track on the improvements and failures. There is no such inbuilt starts tracker in the fortnite game.

However, players can rely on third party websites which are known as fortnite tracking websites. These websites simply integrate your game and keep a track on all the things that you do. After playing the game, you can check out the detailed stats. It includes all important measures like that kill ratio, survival time, number of kills and many others. Therefore, relying on of fortnite tracking website will be a great choice as there is no inbuilt software to measure the starts in the game itself. We have listed down some of the best fortnite tracking websites which will help you to keep a track on the stats.

Best Fortnite Tracker Websites


This is perhaps the best fortnite tracker website. It is a one-stop solution for all the players who are looking for detail stats. The website will make your daily task very simple by giving you detailed stats of all the match and also the summary of the whole gameplay. Additionally, there is a ranking system in the game which rates the gamer based on his gameplay in the entire game. The score of the game rank from 1200 to 5,000 where 1200 is the starting mark and 5000 is the rank for the best player of fortnite. The ranking system is based on different aspects including survival time and kills ratio. However, this website is not free to use and you will have to pay a monthly subscription fee in order to get the detailed stats. The free version will hardly give you any insights.

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2. StormShield.One

This is another addition to our list of best fortnite tracker websites. It is somewhat similar to the previous website but it fails to give out detailed stats. However, it is a great option if you want to save some money and still get some good service. It is capable of giving out valuable information and insights into the game. You can individually see your characters and the significance that they are making. Moreover, the user interface of the application is quite smooth and is very easy to use. Therefore, the new user will not get confused while using and viewing the insides of his game. It girls enough to the insides as a whole or match wise.


This is a relatively new option in the list of best fortnite tracker websites. It has readily become very popular because of the detailed stats available. The website has a lot of features and it was still a way to go in comparison to its peers. Just like all other tracking websites, Desh website also has a detailed list of parameters which will help you and get the insides of the game both individually and as a whole. There are various aspects using which you can compare different characters and to what extent are they supporting you in the game. It is a great website but we always recommend the users to go for the first option if they are looking for a paid stats revealing website. Hence, you can try all of these options and then select the best one out.

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