Fortnite Season 9: New Locations, Map, Leaks, And Changes

Fortnite Season 9: New Locations, Map, Leaks, And Changes

                Fortnite Season 9: The all-new fortnite season has already started and has come up with a lot of new features. There are some significant changes in fortnite season 9. For instance, new location, map, challenges and sky platform has been added. It is a 10 weeks long season and users can unlock Fortbyte each and every day during the season. The season 9 is expected to end on 12 July 2019. So are you familiar with all the new features added in season 9? We how come up with all the details of the fortnite season 9 including the maps and locations.

Fortnite Season 9 Changes In Map

Neo Tilted will replace Tilted in the 9th season of fortnite. The new season is of a completely futurist era which seems to be like a science fiction movie. Besides, there has been a lot of changes in the map which can be witnessed by the players. For instance, the retail area has now been shifted to a mega mall and it has a lot of new technological advancements. Similarly, the volcano has now been replaced with a pressure plant. There changes in the split stream as well. All the sky platforms have been marked in the map using which you can go back to the sky anytime.

Neo Tilted is the new Tilted

Fortnite Season 9: New Locations, Map, Leaks, And Changes

Tilted is all about old days and it has now been replaced by the ultra-modern Airways. It has been completely redesigned to provide more space. The is a new plaza which is written with death all over it.

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Retail Row Is A Mega Mall

The old retail bro has been replaced by a Mega Mall in the fortnite season 9. Hence, it adds to the advantage of users and will help you and surviving to a great extent. Moreover, the mall has a good height which can be used for snipping and keeping an eye on the lower terrain.

Modified Weapons

A new semi-automatic combat shotgun has been added to the fortnite season 9. It holds 10 shells and fires 9 pellets in a row, causing more than 80 damage to the opponents. It is now available for rare, Epic, and legendary.

Split streams are the new way

As mentioned earlier, the fortnite season 9 is a complete makeover with a futuristic design. There is an all-new split stream away which will change the way in which you reach the island. The developers of Season 9 has taken a modern approach. However, these split streams are a complete disorder for the vehicles.

Fortnite Fortbyte

Fortbyte is a completely new challenge that has been added to fortnite season 9.  Users will have to collect all the hundred foot by available in the game which can be unlocked each and every day. Most of them are automatically created if you complete all the challenges on time. However, many others are available in certain locations of the map which you have to find out. We tried and figured out some common places where you can find the fortnite Fortbyte. For instance, there are different regions in the hill and various seas where you can easily find these Fortbyte. We have listed down all the fortnite Fortbyte location and challenges which can be used to grab them in maximum number.

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Fortnite season 9 is a big revolution and terms of challenges and new applications being added with the complete futuristic makeover. The game will become even better with new challenges and modernization. There are some amazing weapons being added to the game which will increase the efficiency of killing the opponent. Therefore, the new season of fortnite is very interesting and everyone will love it probably. Hence, you must try it out right now.

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