Fortnite Fortbyte: Location List, Cheats, And, Mystery Skin

Fortnite Fortbyte: Location List, Cheats, And, Mystery Skin

                  Fortnite Fortbyte Location List, Cheats, Mystery Skin: Fortnite has become the most actively played online game on the internet. Season 9 introduces Fortbyte. This is a new addition to the game and you can unlock the utopia Mistry skin upon collecting Fortbyte. Moreover, users can unlock some styles of battle pass skin. These are nothing but small electronic devices which can be collected by completing this season 9. They are kind of replacement to the banners found in different seasons of the game. Therefore, we tried and figured out the most accurate location where you can probably get Fortnite Fortbyte easily.

The Fortnite Fortbyte essentially required to unlock the mystery skins in the season. You can unlock once again each day and then you will have to complete a particular activity which is given. The activities may include things like finding them on the map, killing the animals, increasing XP and many more.

Utopia Mystery Skin

Utopia mystery skins are typically the Mistry skins which can be collected after completing each season. For season 9, you will have to collect 90 different Fortbytes in order to unlock the mystery skin. Hence, add becomes very important to collect the fortnite fortbyte in to earn skins. We have listed down the possible locations where you can find them.

Fortnite Fortbyte Cheats & Locations

Fortnite Fortbyte: Location List, Cheats, And, Mystery Skin

1. Use Cuddle Up emoticon inside a rocky umbrella

Go to the south-east part of the block to the umbrella like a hole, right where you will find the handle. There you will find a wooden box on the mine shaft area. This is the place where you will find the seventh Fortbyte. Simply, use the cuddle up emoticon in order to collect it.

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2. Junk Junction

Go to the first floor of the main junk building and there you will find a mattress lying near the television. This is where you will find the 8th Fortbyte. Select the cuddle up button and collect it easily.

3. Location is hidden thing Loading Screen

Go to desert biome south of Paradise Palms. There you will find port-a-potty, crack open it and you will find the 13th Fortbyte.

4. Wooden Fish Building

The 17th Fortbyte is located at the tail of thermal pass near lazy Lagoon. You can either go deep into the water in order to collect it or just destroy a fish and grab it.

Other Places

  • Rox spray in the underpass
  • Fatal Fields
  • Frozen islands
  • Between Reboot Van and Pirate Camp
  • Haunted Hill
  • Stunt mountain
  • Mountain top cactus wedge
  • Solve puzzle NW of the block
  • Near lavafall

Fortbyte Wall Leak

Many people are curious to know about the Fortbyte Wall. There is a leak that shows a lot of things. It shows that Bunker Jonesy lost his mind as shown in the trailer of season 9. He is also seen painting something on the bunker. There is a cube at the top right corner, Bunker was probably trying to figure it out. This was basically to find out what created craziness at the island.

Fortnite Fortbyte Leaked Challenges

As mentioned earlier, there are a number of challenges which has to be complete after collecting the Fortbyte. There are a number of challenges which have already been published for The Gamers. Whereas, The Other source of challenges has been leaked. However, we do not know which challenge is matched to which number of Fortbyte. Below are some of the leaked challenges. Hence, users can complete the weekly challenges and get rewarded accordingly. More clarity about the matching of numbers will come as the week passes. Till then, complete all the existing challenges and get rewarded.

  • 6 challenges from week 3
  • 6 challenges from week 4
  • similarly, 6 challenges from week 5-10.
  • Hidden within Loading Screen 4-10.
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