The Son Season 2 Episode 9: The Bear; Everything You Need To Know!

The Son Season 2 Episode 9- The Bear; Everything You Need To Know

                  The Son Season 2 Episode 9: The Son which is an episode 2 of season 9 of “The Bear” marks the foregone conclusion of the series. But the closure of the series is coming like the pincers coming to squeeze several wounds at a time and not healing each of them. All the three generations of McCullough are in danger and have faced the danger and the misfortune. They are facing such situations which alter with their comfort even if they move out of their comfort zones.

The Plot of the Episode

Jeannie McCullough (Sydney Lucas) remains the center of the episode emotionally. She witnesses her mother cheating on her father with their son’s music teacher. She runs away from home to escape such lying family and then she barely escapes a back road race from a traveling salesman. Then she returns back home to face truths which so harsh to face. Pete (Henry Garrett) is her father who always things that he is doing the right thing. He confesses to her what his family does to Garcia’s family and gets determined to fix up the things right. Sally (Jess Weixler) tries to impart the knowledge on gender realities. Jeanne Ann shows her target shooting powers to her grandfather and outshoots him. Eli (Pierce Brosnan) gave his granddaughtrr a second appraising look which is so filled with pride. He does behind her back but she feels it coming to her. She is a chess piece in the episode. This is because she is given a queen status while her brothers are still horses. She asks his grandfather why she has been given the powers as a successor of the family despite being a girl? She realizes that his father offered her a hard escape and his grandfather offers her an easy stay. The choice is not quite simple as those in the 1870s between to stay where one already is or to start with something completely new.

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Fun Moments 

María García (Paola Núñez) and her mercenary protector Niles Gilbert (Sydney Lucas) plays a waiting game which is quite fun to watch. Gilbert comes out to be likable after his defeatist attitude.

Pete must have some kind of moments and there is an invasion of body snatchers moment when he notices that his own daughter who promises a getaway from the evil land sells him out. She chooses the easy, simple and plain way. There is a fun factor when Pete plays nothing but like a game Hide and Seek with his family. The game turns out to be lethal but as he puts out false clues then he meets with Garcia woman at the Adolphus Hotel in Dallas then the episode becomes quite fun to watch.

Another funny thing is watching Eli match off against his son. He ignores others and reaches a treacherous landscape which is stumbled on Apache’s land.


In the end, he takes Pete’s truth and blames him for the very thing which he is fighting to correct. He reinterpreted the night of the Garcia family killing in a wonderful dodge of blame. Survivors write the history which suits them. They fight hard for that right. Eli gives the writing of that story to Jeannie. Everything is a choice for everyone. On the other hand, Eli works so hard to deal the cards so they are stacked in his favor.

Big Revelation Today

The revelation today is Ulises is Pete and Maria’s grandson. He comes to claim on the land of his family. He even has the gun which he has got from his brother Phineas as the present.

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