The Most Awkward Facts About WWE In Treating Black WWE Superstars

The Most Awkward Facts About WWE In Treating Black WWE Superstars

           WWE is a big platform for all the wrestlers around the world and no one would even let this opportunity down if they ever get this chance to perform in WWE events. The best thing about WWE is that all the competitors and WWE superstars come in all colors, shapes, sizes, and ages. Even though having this feature as the best thing in WWE, it is still lacking black wrestlers out of most of the main events.

Whether it is a Money in the Bank event or the Royal Rumble and WWE’s most prized undertakings, it is uneasy to say that despite the fact of scripted entertainment with pre-determined results the excellence of black WWE superstars is somehow not shown up to the mark.

There are various events and title match in WWE where till date black WWE superstars have not yet participated or won it. WWE has supported some of the black WWE superstars and also has promoted them but those names are limited like Rock but others are still fighting to get a stable good position in WWE.

Therefore, today we are here to provide you with some of the distressing facts about WWE on its handling of Black WWE Superstars.

No Black WWE Superstar Has Ever Competed for a Universal Championship

Well talking about the WWE Universal Championship, it’s been quite unfair or embarrassing that Universal Championship has never spotted any black WWE superstar. WWE Universal Championship was firstly introduced in August 2016 and has expended much of its duration. Brock Lesnar is the one who majorly holds up the title of WWE Universal Championship.

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But even after having the total number of 22 matches and 11 WWE superstars competing for this title, not even a single Black WWE Superstar or even half-black WWE Superstar has been one of those 11 competitors competing for WWE Universal Championship.

At present WWE’s most desired championship on the leading Raw brand, the concept that the promotion is going on three years deprived of so much as a black contestant for the elusive flagship is confounding.

No Black WWE Superstars ever won Royal Rumble

The most awaited event of WWE in this year was Royal Rumble which is considered as the best opportunity for all the WWE wrestlers. But this year Royal Rumble was also not good enough for the Black WWE Superstar as they just lasted in the ring for just about four minutes.

The total number of seven black WWE Superstars in the Royal Rumble counted for zero rejection in a let-down night for an otherwise varied Royal Rumble. Till date, there is no black winner of the Royal Rumble.

No Black WWE Superstar Has Ever Won Money in the Bank

From the time of WWE Money in the Bank event started and till the present date there is no single Black WWE Superstar who ever won this event. If we talk about Money in the Bank event winners statistics, then you can easily say that any WWE Superstar can win Money in the Bank but this is really embarrassing that despite of this fact no black wrestler in WWE has even won it.

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The Money in the Bank briefcase does not certainly require going to somebody who is prepared. For better or worse, it tasks as a familiar set of training wheels for the main event.

No Black WWE Superstar ever received most prominent WWE Championship title

WWE carries about 60 years of championship lineage but during this time span, no African-American WWE Superstar has ever received its most significant title.

However, Bobby Lashley is the one who becomes the first black WWE Intercontinental champion from the time 2013 is a hopeful indication, the early 40’s star remains aloof from the leading event picture.

However, Mike Tyson was part of the central charm for WrestleMania XIV, he did so as an enforcer. The first African-American wrestler to enter WrestleMania was Mr. T at WrestleMania I. Whereas, Lawrence Taylor was the last African-American wrestler to enter in the main event match at WrestleMania XI.

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