The Conflict Between Google And Amazon Has Created Room For RoKu To Become The Best Media Player

                Online streaming has become a modern day requirement. Users are not willing to compromise when it comes to TV shows and movies. There are a number of music and video streaming apps.

It includes famous names like Spotify, YouTube, Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu and a lot of others. Users love streaming on all these platforms. All the platform has got something unique. For instance, the best music is exclusively found on Amazon. Similarly, there are famous TV shows on Netflix, Prime, and others.

Therefore, it is not possible to miss out on any application or streaming service when it comes to brand names. However, users are often disappointed because of the prolonged conflict between Amazon and Google.

Both Amazon and Google are Amazon the list of top 5 companies in the world. We all are aware of the fact that both companies are having a conflict and it turns ugly for the streamers.

Amazon assistant powered devices like echo and other products like fire TV stick are regarded as one of the best streaming tools. Similarly, Google home and such devices are very popular. However, both the devices have remained out of the list because of their personal conflicts.

Amazon devices don’t allow users to stream YouTube. Similarly, Google devices don’t allow Amazon prime videos. YouTube is the biggest source of video streaming and getting restricted on this front means that users are missing out on many things. Hence, users do not prefer buying Amazon fire stick and other Alexa powered devices.

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Similarly, Google Home and other devices do not allow users to stream Amazon prime music and videos. We are all aware of the fact that Amazon prime videos have some really amazing originals and movies. Therefore, it is extremely important to have Amazon prime videos.

You are loosing out on many things if you do not have access to either of the two services. The fudge between Google and Amazon has created room for some other players. Some players and media streaming devices like Roku. Roku has become one of the most popular media players because it gives you access to all the platforms including that of Amazon. And Google.

Users will always prefer players which allows streaming on all platforms, even if it is of their peers. The independent company has outpaced Fire TV devices in terms of market share. Roku has a market share of 37% in 2018, which means that it is growing big day by day. The conflict between the two fortune 500 companies has to lead to the growth of Roku.

Moreover, you will be surprised to know that Roku has even outpaced Google Chromecast devices to become the leading media player. It allows you to stream on the platform and this is the reason for its consistent rise. The increase in the market share of Roku is direct because of the conflict between Amazon and Google.

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