Spotify Web Player vs Desktop App: Which Is The Best Option For PC?

Spotify Web Player vs Desktop App: Which Is The Best Option For PC?

                   Spotify Web Player vs Desktop App: Spotify has grown enormously sunset was launched back in 2008. It is one of the most trusted and best music streaming application across the world. Earlier, Spotify was limited to The Western countries. However, in the recent few years, it has grown and expanded to the eastern countries and Asian countries as well. It is arguably the best music streaming application in the world currently. The major competitors of Spotify are Apple music and other local news networks. However, Spotify seems to enjoy the number one position in easily without any trouble.

The service of this music streaming service has been spread across various operating systems and devices. Many users enjoy Spotify on PC as well. There are two ways in which one can access Spotify on the PC. Firstly, it can be accessed using the Spotify desktop app and secondly via the web browser itself. It is a bit confusing for some users to choose between these two platforms. Hence, we have compared Spotify Web Player vs Desktop App in order to find out the best platform which can be used for streaming music on PC.

Spotify Web Player vs Desktop App


The sound quality is a very big parameter of comparing 2 platforms when it comes to music. One can find out the difference between the quality of sound himself. However, if you depend on our review, let us tell you that the quality of music is far better on the Spotify desktop app. This supported by facts. The quality of music streaming is about 320 kbps for premium Spotify users on the desktop app whereas it is only 256 kbps for premium web player users. Hence, it is quite visible that the application has an upper hand over the web player.

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Offline Mode

Many users love playing music offline on their PC. This saves the internet that is spent on listening to the same music again and again. Spotify desktop app clearly takes the lead here because it enables saving the music offline. This feature is not supported by the web Player version of Spotify, not even on the premium accounts. Therefore, a person looking for offline music streaming must surely go with the desktop application.

Storage Space

There are many PC users who are concerned about storage space. It is quite logical that the desktop app will require more space because it is an application and is directly installed on the PC. On the other hand, the web Player version of Spotify does not require any additional storage space in the device because it is played on the web browser itself. Hence, a person who is concerned about the storage space must always go for the web version only.


Using shortcuts how to become a daily aspect of human life. It is interesting that Spotify provides using shortcut keys on both web browser application and desktop app. However, the user will have to download and additional hotkey add on to the browser if they want to access shortcuts on the web player. The addon is currently available on Mozilla Firefox and Chrome browser only. There aeroplane takeoff shortcuts available on both the web player and the desktop app. Hence, both the platforms are quite similar in this term.

Spotify Web Player vs Desktop App: Conclusion

In our comparison of Spotify Web Player vs Desktop App, we found out that the Spotify web player is much better for quality music streaming. There is no parameter where the web player proves to be better except for the fact that it doesn’t require any space. Hence, one must install the desktop app if storage space is not a problem.

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