Strong Quake Recorded In Indonesia’s Banda Sea, No Damage And Casualties

Strong Quake Recorded In Indonesia’s Banda Sea, No Damage And Casualties

             On Monday, a strong earthquake struck in Indonesia’s Banda Sea, but as per to the authorities there is no tsunami threat.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey who stated the magnitude 7.3 quake was centered 208 kilometers (129 miles) further down the earth’s surface. The shock of earthquake was felt in parts of Indonesia as well as in East Timor’s capital Dili but there were no reports of damage reported.

Also, as per to Indonesia’s geophysics agency said in a statement that the deep quake didn’t cause a tsunami.

After a 6.1 tremblor, the Banda Sea quake was recorded in a very less populated area 233 kilometers (144 miles) which are located in the west of Papua province’s Abepura town, at a depth of 20 kilometers (12 miles).

Rahmat Triyono, who is Indonesia’s head of earthquake and tsunami center, also stated that the Papua quake was followed by various other smaller aftershocks, but there is no any immediate report of major destruction, loss or the injuries.

The large quake was felt mostly all over Australia’s northern city, Darwin, where a large number of people evacuated from the high-rise buildings.

Most of the office workers were seen all through Darwin outside buildings after the quake distressed the city for almost five minutes.

One of the workers named Robyn said regarding the quake that no alarm had gone off but the workers had soon decided in order to get out of her building in any case.

In addition, she also further said that it was the strongest quake that she had ever felt in Darwin. In the meantime, there was no damage or injuries were reported in Darwin.

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Indonesia’s Previous major Earthquake

Indonesia, due to its location factor along the Pacific “Ring of Fire” is mostly prone to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. A powerful Indian Ocean quake, as well as tsunami in the year 2004, killed a total number of 230,000 people in a lot of various countries, most of them were in Indonesia.

2018 Sulawesi earthquake and tsunami caused major soil liquefaction in the areas as well as around Palu. In two of the locations, this also caused mudflows in which a lot of buildings turn out to be flooded which also leads to hundreds of deaths along with many more missing. The liquefaction was well thought out to be the largest in the world as well as was deemed as rare.

The 2018 Lombok earthquake also caused significant damage and deaths in Indonesia. On 11 October 2018, there was an earthquake that struck off the coast of East Java, Indonesia, with the epicenter traced off the coast of Situbondo Regency. The earthquake at that time struck at dawn, that killed 4 people along with destroying and damaging hundreds of houses, most of which were in the small island of Sapudi. This incident also injured at least 26 people. Most of the victims were not able to escape as the earthquake struck around 2 am and they were asleep. There were about 500 houses that were reported to be damaged by the day next to the earthquake in Sapudi Island alone.

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