Solar Eclipse In 6000 Miles Path Will Experience In Next Week, Won’t Be Easy To See

            It has been 2 years since the earth has witnessed the great American eclipse. Millions of people gathered in the 70-mile cost to witness totality stretching from coast to coast where the moon completely blocks the sun to usher in nightfall. It was something that no one had witnessed earlier.

This Tuesday, Earth will again face blackout as the moon will come in between the sun and earth. However, not much part will face total blackout because the 6000 miles will mostly be in the South Pacific. Only a narrow zone in Chile and Argentina will face totality and that too if the weather permits. La Serena – a coastal city will be the first one to witness the blackout. It is winter in the southern hemisphere currently.

The matter becomes more complicated because of the elevation of the sun. The eclipse will happen at 4:38 p.m. which is 1 hour 18 minutes prior to the sunset. It is expected that the solar disk will hover a mere 13 degrees over the Northwest horizon as the moon intercepts its light. This indicates that even those clouds which are at a distance can spoil the show. The elevation was 60 degrees during the great American Eclipse in 2017 and therefore, only those clouds which were present above mattered. However, the eclipse in Chile will be much thicker.

The eclipse can cause cloud cover near the coast because of inversion. As the temperature will fall because in the sun rays will not reach earth, inversion will take place as the ground cools faster than the air. This will result in thick clouds formation near the ocean.

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Hence, the devil how to reach the island if they want to escape The Pacific cloud layer and witness the eclipse. However, it is not really easy to reach the island because there is only one route, route number 41 which is partially paved and largely dirt. The place will attract thousands of Castro tourists. However, they will have to be present in the inland by the lunchtime in order to witness the solar eclipse. This is mainly because of the fact that the mountains and wildlife will make it difficult for people to reach there in case of a blackout.

Even so, there are a lot of hurdles, witnessing the solar eclipse will be worth it. This is because of the fact that you can witness the shape and speed of the moon and the central dark spot. The corona of the sun will appear in an amber shade given the fact that the eclipse will take place a few hours before the sunset.

Corona is the outer atmosphere of the Sun which is not generally visible to the humans on Earth. It is a very rare event during the eclipse that you can witness the color and shape of corona. Moreover, once you witness this corona, you will understand by thousands of people fly to witness the eclipse. It is beautiful and magnificent.

The Shadow will move at a greater speed compared to that of 2017. Hence, Saturday nightfall is expected in the areas. The speed is expected to be somewhat around 10000 miles per hour. People residing in the capital of Argentina can drive 20 minutes from their place to witness the last moment eclipse. It will reach the southern suburb of Bruno Aries just before the sunset.

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