Small Plane Crashes While Trying To Land In North Suburbs, Pilot Survived

                 After a single-engine airplane crashed on Thursday evening, a pilot somehow managed to survive the accident. The crash took place when the pilot was attempting to land at Chicago Executive Airport which is located in the north suburban Wheeling.

Tony Molinaro, who is an FAA spokesman after the crash said in a statement that the plane was crashed in a wooded area which is more than a mile from northeast of the airport.

The plane was making the attempt to land on runway 16 but ended up being crashed. As per to the CBS2 report, the pilot was seen walking away from the crash.

Molinaro further added in his statement that the Federal officials did not know where the plane was flying from, or reports of any injuries. After getting the information of the crash, the investigators along with the FAA immediately made their way to the crash site.

The Wheeling police, as well as the fire departments, did not immediately reply to a request for any of the specifics or information regarding the crash.

The plane was an Icon A5 light sport aircraft, which is described by its manufacturer as an amphibious craft that offers seats for two people in total. The aircraft also comprises to have its own parachute so that in case of any emergencies it can be used for safety purpose. It was uncertain if the pilot deployed it or not.

The A5 is a high-wing flying boat-type amphibious monoplane which comprises of a carbon fiber airframe along with retractable undercarriage. It comprises of two seats for the people in a bounded 46-inch-wide (116.8 cm) cockpit. The plane is powered by a single 100 hp (75 kW) Rotax 912 iS the engine which helps in generating power to a three-bladed pusher propeller. Dornier-style sponsons offer the hydrodynamic steadiness, covering the pullback main landing gear, as well as act as a step for crew and also the passenger. The wings can be folded at the back for ground transport and also for the storage.

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A whole-airframe Ballistic Recovery Systems parachute is also optional in this plane, apart from the U.S.-registered A5s where it is compulsory, because of the ICON’s exception to the U.S. LSA weight limit. The A5 uses a lot of various different design elements in order to offer a manageable stall recovery.

In the meantime, the accidents and incidents regarding the plane are not so very common as till date there are only 4 cases of such accidents including the Thursday’s crash. The first accident of this aircraft was on April 2017, when a factory-owned A5 suffered a “heavy landing” on the water close to Biscayne National Park, Florida which caused the sinking of the aircraft but both the pilot as well as passenger survived the crash with few injuries. The second and third crash was held on May 2017 and November 2017, respectively.

Coming back to yesterday’s crash, right now, there is no such news regarding the crash and the officials are not also giving any further information about it but it is for sure that the investigation has begun. The investigators have reached the spot and are carrying on with their further investigation procedure.

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