Panic Disorder, Depersonalisation And Decentralisation!

          Panic Disorder is one of the most horrifying conditions in the human body. There is no physical pain as such in this disorder, however, the overall situation that develops because of this panic disorder is very serious and significant. There might be times when a complete flash of episodes occurs while sitting or working. This is known as panic attacks and can be fatal. Hence, each and everyone should be aware of this metal panic disorder. This is why we have listed on all the symptoms, treatments and other information related to panic disorder.

It is basically a psychiatric condition in which the mental balance of the brain is disturbed. The cases of panic disorder are going up drastically, owing to the new digital generation. We are in an era of the nuclear family and nuclear mind. No one is really ported about anything other than his or her smartphone. In such a situation many individuals get eliminated by society and develop this panic disorder. Hence, it is very important to know the symptoms and all other information related to this disease. We have also mentioned how depersonalization and decentralisation are closely related to panic disorder.


Depersonalization is very closely related to panic disorder. It is a situation in which an individual completely loses or detaches himself from his physical body. In short, it is a psychiatric condition during which an individual does not care about his personal body and feels that he has no control over his actions. Depersonalization can worsen over time if not treated appropriately. Hence, proper treatment and medication are very important to cure this disorder.

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Depersonalization can be a result of depression and may lead to the development of toxic habits like drug abuse and alcohol consumption. It can be really horrifying at times when the body completely becomes numb and does not respond to any action forwarded by the mind. Anxiety can also be the side effect of this disorder.


Decentralization is another psychiatric disorder which is growing in today’s generation drastically. It is a condition in which individual fields detached from his environment and immediate surrounding. Studies show that children and adults are both the victims of this horrifying disorder. One of the most common reasons that were found who developed the situation was digitalization. People are getting more and more engaged in the virtual world and getting detached from society.

Hence, those people who are not very active on social media feel avoided by society. This leads to the development of decentralization. Even those children who use Smartphones, the whole day, becomes the victim of this disorder easily. Depression, decentralization, anxiety, and personalization are all related to each other. Hence, proper measures should be taken to treat this at the early stage itself. Neglecting the disorder can develop suicidal thoughts and other injurious habits like drug abuse.

Treatment of Panic Disorder

There is no specific treatment for depersonalization and decentralization. However, it can be cured easily if one has a determination to change. In situations where the common treatments are not effective, professional help must be taken. Professional help includes psychiatric counselling and medication. In the only stage, you can follow some steps to stay away from panic disorder.

  • Do use your smartphones but always maintain a thin line between the real and virtual world.
  • Meditation and yoga are very effective and scientifically proven to cure depression and other disorders related to the mind.
  • An individual must interact with his family or friends regularly so that they do not feel detached from society as such.
  • Laughter therapy is another effective treatment for panic disorder.
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