Nokia 7.1: Price, Specifications And Detailed Review!

 Nokia is in its second year of trying to make a comeback. In just one year Nokia has launched 8 smartphones. The Nokia 7.1 is the latest one in the lineup. Thus we are going to post a detailed review of Nokia’s latest flagship smartphone, Nokia 7.1.

HMD Global owned Nokia is trying aggressively to re-take its position in the market. Nokia was one of the largest brand names 5 years ago. After being sold to Microsoft the company completely deteriorated. However, HMD Global has bought Nokia from Microsoft and entered the Android segment. Now it is trying very hard to make a comeback.

Nokia 7.1 Review

Nokia 7.1 is priced at $349 only. Eyeing at the mid-range segment, Nokia is offering flagship specs. It would not be wrong to say that Nokia 7.1 is a portable flagship device at just half price. Nokia 7.1 seems to outclass OnePlus 6T but has some drawbacks. So should you buy the latest mid-range Nokia 7.1? To clear this confusion we are up with a detailed review of Nokia 7.1

Design and Key Features

The new Nokia 7.1 seems to be made from a single sheet of aluminum. The device is a combination of glass and metal and well-finished corners. The design feels Amazing and premium overall. The build quality is good and solid. The curved back gives you perfect grip while using the device. the fingerprint sensor is well placed on the rear part.

The single speaker at the bottom of the smartphone seems a bit down. The output of the speaker feels low and flat for some genres. One of the major cons of Nokia 7.1 is its speaker. The Nokia 7.1 comes with a 3.5 mm headphone jack along with a USB-C connector. The tray can hold one Nano-SIM and one Micro SD card.

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Nokia 7.1 Review: Display

The display of Nokia 7.1 has a 2244 × 1080 IPS screen. The display is sharp and beautiful. You will be amazed to know that Nokia 7.1 has a higher screen resolution compared to iPhone XR. In our review of Nokia 7.1, we found that the 5.84-inch screen feels large enough and the brightness is enough to be seen in the sunlight.

The display specs are almost identical to the latest and most popular flagship device, OnePuls 6T.

Nokia 7.1 Review: Performance and Battery

The Nokia 7.1 smartphone is powered by a Snapdragon 636 chipset along with a 3GB RAM. It has the same internal specs as Z3 Play and Asus ZenFone 5.

In our review of Nokia 7.1 we found out that even after such Specifications on paper, the device is not able to give a powerful output. However, the performance is decent enough for a $349 worth phone. Even the graphics seem a bit underwhelming when compared to its competitors.

It is powered by Google’s Android one OS, which is a plus point for this device. The device will receive all Android updates for the next 2 years.

Coming to battery life, the battery life of Nokia 7.1 is decent enough. In our review, we found out that the screen on time was roughly 12 hours.

Nokia 7.1 review: Camera

Budget phone often falters when asked to snap pictures. The budget smartphone, Nokia 7.1 is capable of capturing amazing shots, even in low light. Although it’s not got sharp but capable enough. The Nokia 7.1 has two rear lenses both with Zeiss optics. The rear has a 12+5 MP camera. The camera is capable enough and fast to respond. In the outdoor bright light, the camera snaps very powerful and sharp photos.

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Overall the phone is amazing for a $349 segment. However, Nokia 7.1 cannot really be compared to the flagship king OnePuls 6T. Nokia has just entered the android industry and has a long way to go before it can challenge the flagship devices.

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