Detailed Comparison On iPhone XR vs OnePlus 6T: Price, Specs, Reviews

 The silent war for the position of the best budget flagship smartphone has just started. Apple’s budget flagship model iPhone XR and Oneplus’s premium flagship device OnePlus 6T are both launched in the market to compete with each other. So, which one should you buy? Have a look at our detailed comparison between iPhone XR and OnePlus 6T.

Apple, for the first time, has used the word “budget” while launching an iPhone. iPhone’s are more of a brand name than its real specs. Looking at the competition from other companies, iPhone this year launched iPhone XR. Quoting it as a budget iPhone, Apple has gone a step ahead to compete in the budget flagship segment of the Market.

OnePlus has always been a tough competitor for Apple. Besides this, it is also called “the apple killer” in some places. Considering the need to tackle OnePlus, Apple has launched the cheapest ever iPhone named the iPhone XR.

Though both devices stand absolute on paper in terms of a flagship, we tried finding out the live results.

Detailed Comparison: iPhone XR vs OnePlus 6T

Apart from the basic Android/iOS difference both the flagship devices have many other differences. Now that the cost factor has been adversely minimized by Apple, let’s have a look at the other factors.


OnePlus 6T comes with a 16 + 20 MP dual rear Camera. Much has not changed in terms of the lens in OnePuls, although we find a number of changes in the camera software. Besides the normal daylight mode, the night mode takes clear and decent pictures. The portrait mode is just amazing and you get sharp low light intensity clicks. Probably it is the best camera we have ever seen from OnePlus, however, it fails to compete with iPhone’s XS and Max series.

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On the other hand, iPhone XR comes with a single 12 MP rear camera. It is powered by the same lens as iPhone XS, making it a top-notch competitor in the camera segment. Even though OnePlus 6T beats iPhone XR on paper, we found that XR is capable of clicking some amazing portrait pictures in nightscape mode.

You get an advantage of slow-motion videos in OnePlus 6T. Besides, both phones are capable of taking 4k videos.


Performance is the major factor on which the comparison between both the devices lies. OnePlus 6T comes with an astonishing 6GB ram and the latest and powerful Snapdragon 845 processor. However, it fails to beat Apple’s latest A12 bionic chipset which powers iPhone XR, XS and XS max.

Even though iPhone XR has a 3GB ram, it feels slightly better in terms of performance when kept against the OnePlus 6T.


iPhone XR lags behind drastically when it comes to displaying. A $749 device having an LCD screen is very disappointing. The OnePlus 6T which is much cheaper than iPhone XR has got a premium OLED screen. The pixel density of OnePlus 6T is far far better than iPhone XR. The new iPhone XR can’t even play a full HD video.

Both phones have an aspect ratio of 19:5:9. OnePlus 6T takes a long leap when it comes to displaying.

Battery & Storage

iPhone XR has a 2942 mAh battery whereas OnePlus 6T has a huge 3700 battery. Both phones can run one whole day without charge, however, OnePlus lasts a bit longer. Both devices support fast charging. Wireless charging is what lacks in OnePlus 6T.

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Internal storage on both devices is decent enough however OnePlus with 128 GB storage takes a lead.


Another disappointing fact about iPhone XR is that it lacks a fingerprint sensor which is found even in a $300 phone nowadays. However, it has a face locker. OnePuls 6T comes with an in-screen fingerprint scanner which is an exceptional feature.

On detailed comparison of iPhone XR and OnePlus 6T, we felt that OnePlus 6T is way better a premium budget flagship device. Even in terms of cost, it beats iPhone XR severely.

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