What’s the secret move of OnePlus for American Market?

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 OnePlus, the smartphone manufacturing giant across the world needs no introduction. OnePlus, no doubt is one of the best smartphone brands when it comes to flagship ones. But when it comes to America very rare people would give it a positive feedback.

OnePlus has recently launched its new flagship model OnePlus 6T, which is going viral across the world. The OnePlus 6T is the successor of OnePlus 6, a smartphone which left a deep impression on the industry across the world except for America where it was criticized a lot.

OnePuls 6T is full of new and updated features. It is the most accomplished phone we’ve ever seen from the company, with the latest features like an on-screen fingerprint sensor and longer battery life makes it the best choice in the smartphone market right now. But these cool features are not the secret weapon which you were thinking.

OnePlus 6T comes with an amazing and outstanding feature which you won’t be able to make out. It’s not the in-screen fingerprint sensor and the battery, it’s something completely different and this feature would make OnePlus 6T a huge huge hit in the American market.

Why OnePlus Faced Criticism In America?

The Chinese smartphone manufacturer faced a lot of criticism in Northern America when it launched its OnePlus 6 model recently. The phone was rolled out in the market and to the surprise of buyers, the company had betrayed them to a great extent.

OnePlus 6 was could operate on only CDM mode and do not respond to the bands of Verizon and sprint. Verizon is the largest telecom company in America with more than 150 million subscribers. Whereas Sprint is the 4th largest telecom company. OnePlus only allowed AT&T Sims and some other minor players in the market.

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You can imagine how inconvenient it would be for the users of Verizon. Because of this issue, OnePlus Faced massive criticism across America.

What Move Has OnePlus taken to recapture American Market?

The market share of OnePlus plunged due to the defect in telecom bands. To make a comeback in the American market OnePlus 6T has a big secret surprise weapon to serve the purpose. So what is the secret weapon that OnePlus has reportedly embedded in its latest flagship model, OnePlus 6T?

What Is the secret weapon in OnePlus 6T?

To make a comeback in American market OnePlus 6T has tied up with T-Mobiles as well as Verizon. The companies have promised to make OnePlus 6T the most accessible phone in the USA. This is the very secret weapon OnePlus 6T comes up with.

The OnePlus 6T is launched across the 5400 stores of T-Mobile’s making it most accessible to the consumers. T-Mobile’s apart from stocking and advertising will shave $300 which will make the affordable flagship even more cheaper.

Verizon has also promised to keep tied up with OnePlus and advertise for it. Verizon will give OnePlus a completely new and revamped outlook in America. The secret weapon in OnePlus 6T is the LTE support. It now enables users to throw in a Verizon sim and start making LTE and WiFi calls.

What makes OnePlus 6 a big hit?

The secret weapon in OnePlus 6 makes it a hit in the USA. The carrier support will help it to go a long way and the offline support of T-mobiles will help consumers to test the phone and then buy. OnePlus 6T will be made available in easy and low-cost monthly installments.

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It is a flagship phone at almost half the price. Giving a serious and tough competition to its rivals like Samsung Note 9 and iPhone XS and XR. OnePlus will be possible now the most popular smartphone brand in the USA, thanks to the secret weapon of OnePlus 6T.

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