Nintendo Switch: Final Fantasy 9 Is Out And 7 Is Coming Soon!

Nintendo Switch: Final Fantasy 9 Is Out And 7 Is Coming Soon!

         Nintendo direct announcement help does learn that Final Fantasy 9 is out. Moreover, Final Fantasy 7 is coming in March. Nintendo console is amazing and has a number of adventurous and joyful games. However, Final Fantasy series has been one of the most played and enjoyed games for Nintendo switch. Now that the new versions are coming in, gamers are excited than ever before. Nintendo Direct was very helpful and give us complete information about the upcoming Nintendo switch games. Additionally, it included all the games which would be updated in this year.

Earlier in the year, Final Fantasy developers had rolled out a teaser, confirming that the entire gaming series will be launched for Nintendo switch soon. This is no hoax, Final Fantasy IX is already launched and is available on the Nintendo e-shop. Whereas, Final Fantasy VII is on the way and will be launched in March 2019. Final Fantasy IX is no new game, however, it had been missing from the Nintendo switch library.

The game was initially launched back in 2000 for PlayStation. Since then, the developers have been rolling out the game for devices like Xbox and other gaming consoles. However, it has been missing from the Nintendo switch library for 18 years. Finally, the game is now available for all Nintendo switch users. Hence, if you have not experienced the game yet, go to the Nintendo eShop straight away and get it. It is a highly rated game and is available on all popular platforms like Android and IOS as well.

Final Fantasy 7 Coming Soon

After Final Fantasy 9, it is the time for Final Fantasy 7 which is going to be rolled out in March 2019. The developers of final fantasy series have promised that all the versions of the game will be available for the Nintendo switch users soon. Final Fantasy has been one of the best RPG games of its generation and will finally be available for switch users after 18 years. Besides the versions been launched for Nintendo switch, many other Final Fantasy versions including 15 and pocket edition have already been launched for Android and other devices. Hence, there is a sense of frustration in the Nintendo switch users.

Gamers who downloaded Final Fantasy 9, once it was available on the switch shop, claimed that it is same and even better than the 18 years old game. Nintendo switches users had to wait almost for two decades. Hence, you must not miss the opportunity this time and play the game. It is one of the best RPG games available event today and users claim that they cannot leave their consoles before an hour or so. This shows how interesting and engaging game ideas for people of all age. Moreover, Final Fantasy 7 is also no too far.

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