Nintendo Switch vs Xbox One: Which Is The Best Gaming Console?

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  Gaming is even more fun when played using the gaming consoles. There were only two choices when it came to gaming consoles back in 2016. One was Playstation, while other was the Xbox One. However, the launch of Nintendo switch by the Global leader Nintendo changed the game. Nintendo switch became readily popular in the gaming industry and offered a tough competition to Microsoft and Sony. In spite of the fact that all these consoles are equally amazing, there are some facts which make them different from each other. Nintendo switch vs Xbox one will help you understand the differences.

Looking for a powerful and reliable gaming console? Confused between Xbox One and Nintendo switch? To help you choose the best gaming console we have compared Nintendo switch vs Xbox One. These consoles will ease your gaming experience.

Nintendo Switch vs Xbox One

Design & Features

The Nintendo Xbox one has a sleek design and is available in two colors namely white and black, with a glossy and matte finish. However, it takes up a significantly large space of your living room. Nintendo Switch is small and compact compared to the Xbox One. One amazing feature of this gaming console is that you can stream movies and TV shows on them. Microsoft offers you a wide range of streaming apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime whereas Nintendo switch has limited applications, like Hulu. Hence, Nintendo switch cannot be used as a powerful streaming device.

Moreover, you can insert a DVD and also play videos using the Blue Ray technology on the Xbox One. Nintendo switch has no such option for inserting a DVD. Both the consoles support connectivity via Wi-Fi by default. Additionally, you can also use an Ether which needs to be plugged and separately in the Nintendo switch.

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Graphics & Battery Life

The graphics on Nintendo switch is somewhat disappointing. We did not get a powerful hand shop picture quality while playing the latest and updated games. On the other hand, the Xbox one has amazing graphics and is known for its 4K gameplay mode. Xbox box is famous for its rich color contrast and powerful gameplay. It is the only 4K controller in the entire market.

Battery life is a major concern for Nintendo switch users. It lasts for up to 4 hours on intense gaming. Xbox one density of also. It has a whopping 40 hours long battery life as it is powered by double AA series battery. Both devices come with USB C type charger.


There is no limitation to playing games on both the Xbox One and Nintendo switch. However, Nintendo offers you some exclusive games. Xbox one too allows you to play a wide variety of games. If you’re looking for some amazing games, then you can check our list of best Xbox One games and best Nintendo switch games.

The controllers on both Xbox One and Nintendo switch are updated and gives you amazing control while playing the games.


There is no doubt and saying that the Xbox One is the most powerful gaming console available in the market. It is powered by 8 core AMD CPU and 8GB of DDR3 ram. This gives power to the system to switch between applications within seconds. On the other hand, Nintendo switch is powered by a conventional Nvidia chip. The exact figure of RAM is unknown. Most technicians claim that it has a 4GB Ram inside. In spite of the low hardware specification, Nintendo switch is able to live up to the expectation of a normal gamer. In terms of storage, both devices will need an additional storage drive to download extra games. Both are expandable up to 256 GB.

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