Meditation Is Helpful For The Treatment Of Late-Life Depression; Know How?

   Depression is a very serious problem which the world is facing right now. It gets more serious when we talk about late-life depression. Almost 75% of adults living in the United States are prone to late-life depression. The main reason for depression is loneliness. Mostly when one partner dies, the other one feels lonely and becomes prone to depression. In 10 fast moving generation, children do not have time to talk to the elder ones. Hence, the elder ones are left in the situation of complete loneliness. Therefore, we must take a stand and fight against depression.

The World Health organization recognizes depression as a very hazardous physiological issue. There multiple organizations, both Government and non-government, working day and night to eradicate late-life depression. Medicines have various side effects especially in adults above the age of 65. Hence, doctors advise using natural methods to cure depression. In the latest study, it has been found that meditation can help in the treatment of late-life depression. The report also says that depression can be treated without any medicines. It just requires additional care and support. Hence, everyone should come together and fight against depression.

Meditation: A Depression Killer

Many researchers across the world show that meditation can effectively help in the treatment of late-life depression. This is quite significant because it helps in a number of ways. Before we understand how meditation helps in the treatment, why should look at the causes and effects of late-life depression?

Causes & Effects of Late-life depression

There are multiple factors which play a role in causing depression. The main causes of depression are genetics, environmental and physical problems. People who have depression background in the family are more prone to develop it. Other than Genetics, environmental factors also play an important role. At this stage of life people often become lonely and others don’t have time for them. This loneliness turns into a disorder and harms the normal functioning of the nervine system.

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In other terms, Depression is a situation when the brain fails to secrete some hormones and the nervous system fails to coordinate. A hormone named, Dopamine is very essential for us. Dopamine is also called the happiness hormone. Whenever we are happy, the brain releases dopamine, thereby enhancing our mood. Whereas when there is the only loneliness, the brain fails to release dopamine. This situation is called depression. It can be of various intensity. A serious depression may take years to recover.

Is Meditation Helpful for the treatment of late-life depression?

Most researchers believe that improving lifestyle can seriously help in curing late-life depression. Meditation helps on to relax and stop overthinking. The brain calms down and nerves become less excited. It gives you a feeling of calmness. Meditation is better when done in the fresh air and especially in the morning. It helps the brain to relax and release the hormones to uplift mood. If meditation is done regularly, it further benefits. Meditation along with medicines will treat late-life depression quicker. It also cures many other diseases and problems.

Besides meditation, socializing plays an important role in curing late-life depression. This may include visiting parks and making some new friends and then meditating together. There are many parks in the US where all old people gather together and do meditation and laughter therapy. Laughter therapy is also very beneficial for people suffering from late-life diabetes. After all, the ultimate goal is to stay happy and make the brain produce dopamine. Medicines have very less role to play in this case. One can overcome depression by only staying calm and happy. Children should understand this and spend time with elders to help them.

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