Mario Kart Tour Beta Details, Important Dates And All You Need To Know

                 Nintendo has planned the next Mario game for Android smartphone users. You might surely know about the launch of the Mario kart tour. It faces the latest Mario game which is coming out on your smartphones. However, the launch of the game was delayed earlier this year. We have got to know that Nintendo is soon going to launch the Mario kart tour beta version. However, this version of the game will be available only for paid users. Moreover, it can be downloaded only in the US and Japan as of now.

There a lot of discussion on different social media platforms regarding the impression of this game and the release date. It is known that the game has been delayed by Nintendo and it the new date is not out yet. We have summarised and listed down everything that you need to know about the new Mario game.

Mario Kart Tour Release Date

Nintendo of officially announced the launch of Mario kart tour for the smartphones on January 31st 2018. There were no official dates give in by the developers. However, it was specifically mentioned that the game will release anytime before March 2019. Unfortunately, the timeframe has been delayed and March has already passed. This gives a clear indication that the game has been delayed further.

However, the beta version of the game does a sure that the original version for the smartphone will be soon rolled out for the other parts of the world as well. The game is still in final testing mode and the confirmation will come soon. Hence, we can expect the game to be launched anywhere in 2 to 3 months time frame. Let’s wait for the official confirmation of Nintendo on the release date of the new game.

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Beta Version Impression

The game has already been played by several players and they have got a lot to share. We read thousands of reviews and found out that the feedback is quite positive and the gameplay is really good. We will soon come up with a detailed view of the beta version. The Mario Kart game has been in the beta phase since May 22nd and will remain for a few weeks, until 7th June 2019.

You can get access to this version of the game by signing up on the official website. However, you must be an Android user and must website in the US or Japan in order to get access to the game. If not, wait for few more weeks and tell the complete version of the game is launched for the mobile platform.

Gameplay and More

Not much is known about the game as of now. The very first question that comes in mind is that the game will be available for free or will it be paid? The question remains unanswered my Nintendo. However, if we check out the other games which were launched by Nintendo for smartphones, it is seen that most games of Free but the Mario version is paid.

It is a common observation that the mobile version is similar to the console version of the Nintendo games. Similarly, Nintendo will make the Mario Kart game quite identical to the one present on the consoles. The primary goal of Nintendo is to make it mobile friendly and that the users don’t face any problem while using different features of the game.

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They also have a large roster of characters that can be used in the new game. Besides having different kinds of characters, it won’t be a surprise if we see a character creation option as well. Hence, the game seems quite lucrative.

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