Monster Hunter World: Iceborne; Here Is Everything We Know So Far

                  Monster hunter games are really popular and the difficulty get ultimate versions. These ultimate versions of the monster Hunt games have a base that includes new quests and features. It seems that the developers of planning to do something the front with the monster hunter world.

Capcom is all set to launch Monster hunter world: Iceborne on 6th September. This is going to be a huge expansion of the game as it will have features and gameplay-related to the afterworld. Iceborns new region, the snowy hoarfrost reach, will be the largest in the entire game. We half come up with the list of everything that you need to know about the monster hunter world: Iceborne. From new monsters to new mechanics, everything has been included.


The next story takes the fifth fleet of hunters to Hoarfrost Reach. It is a big landmass covered with ice. Capcom has confirmed that Hoarfrost is the largest area in the Monster Hunter World game. We tried the game in both E3 2019 and two beta sessions in PS4 and can confirm that the region is significantly large.

Besides wearing winter clothes, you will have to take plenty of hot water in order to survive in a cold environment. The stamina will be reduced significantly if you are running without taking hot drinks at intervals. consuming hot drinks will increase the stamina and remember that there are a number of hot springs scattered here and there on the map to help you boost the stamina.

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Iceborne Hunter Rank Requirement

The copy of the world to play is required because this is the expansion. But, you will also have to complete the World’s campaign and reach Hunter Rank 16. This is the minimum requirement which you have to achieve before starting on with the expansion at Hoarfrost.

Monster List

The complete list of monsters has not yet been released. However, a number of names have been suggested. It includes both old and new monsters. Let’s have a quick look at the monsters that are known so far.

  • Velkhana
  • Barbaro
  • Beotodus
  • Tigrex
  • Barioth
  • Nargachuga

Gathering Hub, Reimagined

There is a brand new Outpost called Selena. Hot springs will help you to move from level to level to access the various venders. Besides Iceborne, Capcom has made a number of improvements in the gathering hub. The gathering hub now has a botanical garden, resource center and a number of new things.

Master Rank and Difficulty

As mentioned earlier, Iceborne removes the need for the ultimate version. The master rank feature will be added to the game, which is quite similar to the G-Rank. The master rank will help the hunters to square off in front of the monsters in the expansion of the game.

Dynamic difficulty levels will also be introduced in the game by the developers. You will not even have to buy Iceborne to get this update. The large monsters will now have dynamic points depending upon the mode in which you are playing the game. It will have different points while you are playing solos, duals. This new method will make the game better.

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New Weapons

Monster Hunter World’s 14 weapons will have a new combination which has to be learned in the new expansion. Capcom Aaj uploaded a number of videos and has categorized them into lightweight weapons and heavy weapons. Hence, it is quite easy to understand the weapons and their combination by looking at these videos. It is also expected that there will be new Monster Rank Armour set for the new Iceborne’s monsters. There are a lot of new features that are being added to the game. This is just a glimpse, more updates will be shared.

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