Here Is Why Monument Valley Is So Addictive And Famous

Here Is Why Monument Valley Is So Addictive And Famous

            Monument Valley: Games which become famous in the market are essentially different from other games. They are unique and this is the probable reason why they become so popular among the uses. Flappy bird is a typical example of a famous game which had very simple gameplay but was unique and amazing. However, there were a lot of critic reviews. monument Valley is another search game which has been 5 stars rated on the Google Play Store of and has more than 10 million downloads. The game is simply amazing and people are just crazy about it.

The game has received more than 2 million reviews and it is constantly among the list of best games on the Play Store. It is nothing but a simple puzzle game which doesn’t actually seem to be like that. There are many more features and the game which makes it really addictive for the players. It is worth $3.99. The game is worth every penny that you pay for it. Users are crazy about the game and did not want to leave it alone. The different elements available in the game makes it one of the best puzzle games available on the Google Play Store.

Monument Valley Layout

The chart of the game is pretty straight forward and it is not at all difficult to play the game. There is no such tutorial in the game which will introduce you to the various elements. Rather, you will be directly thrown into the game and it will hardly take to manage to understand the controls of the game.

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All you need to do a stop the screen in order to make it move. Besides, there are various elements in the game using which you can interact. These are very good and is one of the best parts of the game. It is not a good idea to reveal the elements here because they are a surprise. Users will not take much time in understanding the gameplay as it is really easy and fun.


The player has to select the stage of the game with which he wants to start. He or she can find a giant wheel with 10 different stages. It will be a lucky draw kind of system using which you can spin the wheel and get the particular stage selected. There are 10 different stages in the game and they are based on the different shape of chocolates available. Each stage has its own unique shape and design. The display screen seems to be elegant and is very beautiful. There are thousands of reviews which state that the game has a very beautiful landscape and that it is better than any other game available on the Play Store.

Graphics and Sound

Graphics is one of the most essential things in a game. The graphics of Monument Valley is really good and it is better than most other games. The beautiful landscape and environment make the game appealing. The fluid free flow movement is present in the animated structures and it makes their movements smooth. Monument Valley is a game which will make you rethink that not only racing games like Need for Speed can be fun.

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The sound and different media in the game are also very smooth and powerful. Sound and graphics combined have a powerful impact on the mind of the player and it is really soothing. No wonder, there are more than 10 million registered players who have paid the one-time fees. These unique elements and features make monument Valley what it is today. The fans are really crazy about the game and they do not want to compromise on any front.

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