iOS 13: Everything You Need To Know About The Upcoming Software

iOS 13: Everything You Need To Know About The Upcoming Software

               iOS 13, All You Need To Know: The new version of has been officially announced during the keynote at the worldwide developer’s conference held the day before yesterday. iOS 13 is all set to make a tribute on your iPhones and other iOS devices. The event was full of software updates and surprisingly Apple has come up with all set of the new operating system for iPad and apple watch. You can read the entire tech news round-up post of WWDC for more details about the announcements. Meanwhile, iOS 13 is going to be available not only for the current devices but also for the upcoming iPhone at the end of the year. Here is everything you need to know about the new software.

iOS 13: Everything You Need To Know


iOS 13 is going to be the most powerful operating system that Apple has ever released. Apple claims that the new software is going to be the best update for iPhones and iPads. Many statistical data were also shared with the developers. For instance, iOS 13 will be 30% fast while unlocking the device using a fake ID, the application updates size will shrink by 50% and the size of the official update will shrink by 60%. Moreover, music, Safari, and file manager apps will get standalone updates.


Now, Siri can read out messages in your Air pods once they are received and then you can reply directly without using any activation word. This is a great teacher because you will not have to unlock your device every time you receive a message. The best part is that it not only works on the iMessenger but on any third party messaging application which is built in which the Sirikit. Besides, a new feature is coming which helps you to share music using the airpods with your friend.

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Memoji and AniMoji

New memoji and Animoji customization features have been added to the double shoes. You can now customize your pictures butter used in the different customization tools. From makeup to jewelry and cosmetics, everything is allowed. Many customizations of teeth and other parts have also been added. Now they can be accessed directly from the iOS keyboard and can be shared easily on mail and different messaging applications.

Camera & Photo App

A new lightning effect has been added to the portrait mode and it is called High-Key Mono. The new editing feature helps you to reduce or increase the brightness of the picture, especially around the face and eye. It helps in makes the skin look smoother and eyes look brighter. Many new features and tab have also been added to the photos app. It has been completely revamped.

Apple Map

The Map has also been rebuilt. It now has more detailed streets and locations like the beach and high points. They have also integrated the Google straight feature which now enabled viewing the location before you visit there. The also has a favourites menu where you can find all the places where you would like to visit in the future. Apple Map will cover the entire United States by the end of 2019.

Swipe Typing

Swipe typing is one of the most awaited features which was required on iOS devices. Android users have been enjoying the swiping feature from yours. However, the new keyboard now enables swipe typing for iOS users as well.

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Dark Mode

The most awaited dark mode will be coming with iOS 13. It is better for the battery and also looks good. Hence, the entire team of the smartphone will turn wanted. From settings to Photos, everything will be included in the dark mode. Moreover, users can also select custom timings in order to enable the dark mode.

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