Android Q: Latest Leaks, Rumours And Expected Release Date

             Android Pie still rolling out for most smartphones and the leaks and rumors for the next Android version has already started. Android Q is the next Android operating system that is going to come up within a few months. However, the full form of the name is not known yet. There has been no official statement about Android Q by Google. However, there are some new features and user interface expectations which we might see in this upcoming update. Hence, we have listed down all the Leaks and Rumors we have to go till now.

Android Q: Expected Features

1. Dark theme

This is the most important and significant feature which will come up with the next Android update. All technicians believe that the dark theme will be added in Android Q because of the growing popularity. Dark theme is in high demand in today’s time and there are already many applications which are rolling out the theme. Facebook Messenger has recently launched the dark theme interface. Similarly, the dark theme will enable the users to switch into this theme and enjoy.

2. Enhanced Security

You might be aware of the fact that most applications steal data from your smartphone. To stop the unauthorized outflow of data from a smartphone, Google is going to further tighten the security measures. With Android Q, you will be given the option of selecting specified permissions for a given application. Currently, there are only a limited number of permissions Which takes in your consideration. However, with Android Q, the customers will be given complete control over each and every application in order to maintain security.

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3. No more back button

It is expected that the conventional back button found on the stock Android platform will be removed after the Android Q update. Google is emphasising more on gestures nowadays. Hence, there is a strong expectation that the back button will be removed by a simple question. Sources claim that you will have to survive the home button towards the left in order to go back. Hence, the screen will completely gesture Driven.

4. Desktop Mode

There is a strong possibility that Google is currently working on a desktop mode for stock Android smartphones. This feature is somewhat similar to the desktop version of Samsung DeX. It will enable the users to convert the mobile view and to the desktop mode. However, Airtel not confirmed that Google will be including this feature in the next Android Q update.

Android Q Release Date

There has been no official statement about the release date of Android. However, we expect it to be launched in the latter half of 2019. It is a milestone for Google because this is the 10th version of Android. We all are aware of the fact that Android has been one of the major success of Google.

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