Hiroshima Day 2019: History, Facts, Consequences And Significance

Hiroshima Day 2019: History, Facts, Consequences And Significance

                Hiroshima Day 2019 History, Facts, Consequences: The remembrance of the Hiroshima Day fills our eyes with tears. The memories of the day fill our heart with complete pity for the civilians living in Hiroshima. During the second world war, on 6th August 1945, the United States dropped an atomic bomb in the country. The day marks the use of the nuclear weapon for the first time in a city of Japan named as Hiroshima. If you are unaware of the significance of this day then definitely you are at the right place.

The American B-29 bomber dropped an atomic bomb on the city of Hiroshima in Japan. The explosion of the bomb was so drastic that it just wiped out around 90 percent of the city and around 80,000 people were dead in that incident. Around 35,000 were injured and afterward, people suffered for horrible burns and the radiation sickness? This was not over yet and just after three days, another atomic bomb was dropped in another city named as Nagasaki. As a result of this, the emperor of Japan  Hirohito announced their unconditional surrender in the second world war.  It was done on the radio on 15th August by declaring the devastating power of this cruelest bomb. This attack on the civilians was the biggest of all the attacks ever.

The Story behind the Nuclear Weapon

The bomb which was dropped on Hiroshima was named as Little Boy. The story behind it is that firstly the target of this weapon was the manufacturing center of 350,000. The plan was to throw the bomb at the center which was located 50 miles from Tokyo. Then on the pacific island of the Tinian and after arriving at the U.S. base the 9000 pound Uranium-235 bomb was loaded. The plane dropped the bomb in the morning at 8:15 a.m. on the Japanese clock. the bomb exploded at approx.2000 feet above the Hiroshima in a blast equal to 1500 tonnes of TNT and it destroyed 5 square miles of the city. Still, Japan did not surrender thus another bomb was dropped in Nagasaki.

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Damage Caused in Hiroshima?

When there was an explosion in Hiroshima, Japan, the city was struck with a flash of bright light. Then after suddenly a giant shaped cloud was formed like a mushroom. The radius of the bomb blast was about 2,5 km and it has flattened all the buildings. Before dropping the bomb there were around 90,000 buildings in Hiroshima and afterward, only 28000 were left. Since it was not any normal explosion it has other severe effects also. It caused horrible effects. The nuclear radiation that came out from the bomb has made people suffer from destructive illness. It followed for weeks, months and years.

Reasons behind Dropping of the Bomb?

As we already know that during the time of the Second World War Japan was against America and also against the allies which include the Soviet Union and Great Britain. These allies were winning the war and as a result of which Japan was pushed back at several locations. Fights during the ware were becoming horrible as several soldiers were dying every day. Japan was already in the state of war and as a result of this many other countries like China and Japan together attacked America. Everywhere the soldiers of Japan were very cruel. They were so cruel that all such  Britishers and Americans who were ready to surrender were badly treated.  Thus as a result of all this, the US President Harry S Truman was wanting Japan soldiers to surrender themselves. US wanted to avoid the invasion of Japan on land as it would require around 250,000 US soldiers. There were also some sources claiming that the US did not want the Soviet Union to invade Japan thus they opted for such a disastrous plan.

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