Here Is How To Install Windows On Your Chromebook!

  Like everything else, Chromebook to have their own drawbacks. The biggest one being that it does not support windows as well as Microsoft Office apps. If you want to install Windows on your Chromebook then you are at the right place. We have listed down the steps using which you can install Windows on your Chromebook.

You might not have thought that it is possible, but you have a few different options for bringing some of that goodness of Windows to your Chrome OS device. Recent reports have revealed that whopping 1.6 million Chromebook units have been sold in just 10 months. The study also says that Chromebook accounts for 26% of all notebook sales.

As most of you know, Google has been updating its Chrome operating system with new features ever since its first release, but it’s not even remotely close to Windows Mac on Linux. Now you can use some features of Windows on your Chrome device. Here is the list of apps which will give you a feel of windows on Chromebook.

Precautions to take before installing windows on Chromebook

Before setting off on this adventure mistake a backup of all your data present on the Chromebook. This step is to ensure that if you end messing up with your operating system, your details remain safe and secured.

Apps Which will help you in getting a Windows feel on your Chromebook

1. Online apps

One of the biggest disadvantages of Chromebook is that it does not allow you to use Microsoft Office apps. So if you are a professional and require using Ms office on Chromebook, then there is an alternative way.

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You can go to the Microsoft official site and select office online section on your Chromebook. This launches the online version of Microsoft office using which you can use PowerPoint, Word, Excel etc. Microsoft, keeping all the operating systems in mind, has made the online version of Microsoft Office.

3. Chrome Remote Desktop

This is a Chrome addon which helps you in getting a Windows feel on your Chromebook. Using Chrome remote desktop you can simply access another desktop. This somewhat works like a virtual machine that requires a laptop or computer running in the background. Even though this seems to be a boring idea, it is actually not.

You can get the actual Windows to feel and control the computer from your Chromebook itself. Perhaps this is the only and best way to get the feel of Windows on your Chromebook.

 3. Crossover

Crossover is a software solution that allows you to run specific OS apps on other operating systems. This allows you to run the Microsoft Windows software on your Mac or Chromebook without even buy the windows license for using a virtual machine.

crossover runs Windows productivity software utility program and games All-in-One application on your Chromebook. However, you have to pay for the crossover license after 14 days of trial. it is completely both the money and actually, runs Windows software on your Mac device.

So, rather than installing any third party tools on your Chrome OS and putting it at a possible risk, it is better to get a crossover and browse Windows on your from Chromebook.

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The crossover Chrome OS beta will let you run Windows software on Intel based Chromebook and Android tablets. Seamlessly Run full feature Windows software that is not available in the Google Play Store alongside mobile apps. Run Windows utility software like Microsoft Office, Wizard 101 and games from the steam library using the crossover.

4. Google’s Altos Mode

Google is working aggressively on running Windows on its latest Chromebooks it is like the pixel books. The latest inspection of code and code comments has shown the indication of the support for Windows software. Hence, you can soon expect Windows to be installed on a Chromebook however this may require you to pay a good amount to developers.

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