These Are The Top 5 News Apps For Android And iOS

               Best News Apps for Android And iOS: News is a priority requirement of some people. The day probably doesn’t get started without reading the news. Earlier, everyone was adapted to read newspapers every morning. However, sweat digitalization even the newspapers got replaced by Android apps. You are probably aware of the fact that you can access the news anywhere and everywhere directly on a smartphone. There are hundreds of news apps available for both Android and IOS devices. So are you looking for a news app which will keep you updated with all the latest and current affairs?

Best News Apps for Android And iOS

1. Apple News

Apple News comes pre-installed on each and every iOS device. It remains unavailable for Android devices just like any other Apple application. It is a great news app and it emphasizes on displaying big images and fast loading videos. Apple has partnered with different media houses like the New York Times and National geography for displaying their content on the application. Hence, iOS users can have a cup of morning news write on the pre-installed app. It is certainly one of the best news apps for iOS users.

2. Google News

Google news is the best news app which is available for both Android and IOS users. We refer Google news as the best news up because it is not limited to one or two media house but each and every media house which publishes its news on the internet. You can find all the news posted on different media websites directly on the Google news app. Users are given the option to select the topic of news they want to preview. Moreover, the Google news app also allows the users to search for any news directly from the app. Hence, it is one of the best news apps available for both Android and IOS devices.

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3. Microsoft News

Earlier known as MSN, Microsoft News has remained in the list of top 10 best news apps in the world. The application provides fast loading news with lightweight videos and images. Users also get the option to enable the dark theme on the app which makes the news look even better. You will get all the breaking news of the selected categories directly via notification. It attracts and publishers news from a number of media houses. Hence, you can download and install the Microsoft news app on the Android-iOS device and enjoy.

4.  AP News

Associated Press news is one of the best online news apps which will give you real-time coverage on trending topics from around the world. It is an International media House which publishes articles based on various titles and subtitles. They have a fleet of reporters who cover trending and buzzing topics of different categories. The AP news app is available for both Android and IOS devices. However, if you download and install this news, you will have limited access to the news from one media house only. Hence, other apps like Google news and Apple news apps are preferred over official media publication apps.

5. The New York Times

New York Times needs no introduction when it comes to news. It is particularly one of the biggest media houses in the world has a presence in both offline and online publications. You can download the official New York Times app on both Android and IOS devices and enjoy the news content daily. They half one of the best standards of publication in the media industry. You can read The New York Times briefs daily to remain updated about the current affairs around the world

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